Metal Gear Rex Recolor pt. 1

Hello people,

I am a HUGE Metal Gear fan. I am in process of playing Phantom Pain right now. So to the main point:

So I have a Metal Gear Rex model from from Kotobukiya (image below, I did not take this specific picture. I got the images here: I love everything about Rex and this model, except one thing. The color looks pretty meh. So I decided to recolor the whole thing.


The first things I did was to take my model apart and spray paint the whole thing black. With the thing spray painted, there will be more of an accent on the cracks.


Once dried, I started putting it back together. Because of the paint, things were tighter than they were before. [Add pervy joke here].


And this is how it looks. so far. It actually looks like Kotobukiya’s black Rex. I am planning to make it white and orange, similar to Warhammer 40,000′s Taus.

I will update as more I do it.


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