Eyeshield 21 Retrospective Part 2: Deimon Devil Bats Main Cast

Hello everyone, I hope you enjoyed your Halloween

This is going to be a long one.

I will talk briefly about each members of the Devil Bats! There will be SPOILERS, so be warned.

Deimon Devil Bats are known for being extremely offensive team. Their moto is “If we get scored 99 points, we will win by getting 100”. Their mascot is the Devil Bat, some times joined by little Devil Bat.

Sena Kobayakawa AKA Eyshield 21

Number: 21

Position: Running Back

Signature Move: Devil Bat Ghost

Sena is the protagonist of the story. He started out as a completely wuss who developed ridiculous speed through fetching things for his bullies. His top 40-yard dash speed is 4.2 seconds, this is fast even for NFL players apparently and this makes him essentially the fastest person in Japanese high school league.

The story essentially follows Sena from being a cowardice to a warrior of football. As the story progresses, Sena becomes more and more confident in his skills. At first, he is terrified to hold the ball, but by the end he chooses to face people like Gaou and Agon head on. He leads a truly great underdog story! At first he started playing because Hiruma forced him to, then more and more he starts to enjoy the thrill and the sportsmanship of the game. After losing the Ojou White Knights on the second game, he feels the loss and never wants to repeat it.

He sees Seijurou Shin of the White Knights as his goal. And Shin sees him as a rival of sorts. The two constantly urges the other to become stronger. He finds out the title he has been using “Eyeshield 21” is a title only given to the greatest runner of the era. Realizing this, he tries to become a player deserving of the title.

Hiruma Yoiichi

Number: 1

Position: Quarter Back

Signature Move: Devil Laser Bullet

He s the demonic leader of the Devil Bats and the tyrant whose reach is unimaginable. He as average physical skills, however when it comes to trick plays and technique he is unmatched. He is the brain behind the team. He is my favorite character in the story!

One of the things he say often say is “Because X is the only option, we abandoned it!” Because of this mindset, Devil Bats’ plays are often unreadable. Due to his personality and tactics, Devil Bats became very offensive team. Deimon only allows club activities until junior year, so this year is the last chance for him to reach the Christmas Bowl.

Kurita Ryokan

Number: 77

Position: Lineman

Signature Move: Blast

Usually a gentle giant, he is the center lineman of the Devil Bats. He is one of the founders of the team as well. He can bench lift 165kg, only dwarfed by Gaou Rikiya. Kurita’s main weakness is he has no speed. Of all the characters that appear in the manga, he is likely the slowest, and number of his opponents take advantage of this.

Kurita wanted to form a football team as early as middle school. But no one wanted to join. School teacher Doburoku started helping him out in training but that was it. Then he met Hiruma who was writing out football strategies for gambling purposes and started following him to join the team. After awhile, the two became close friends, and later Musashi joined the two. In high school, the three founded the Devil Bats~

Like Hiruma, Kurita is also a junior, making this his last chance at the Christmas Bowl. He is confident but shy, and also freaks out from time to time. But when it comes to protecting his team, he becomes a force of destruction.

Raimon Taro AKA Monta

Number: 80

Position: Wide Receiver

Signature Move: Devil Back Fire

He is the receiver of the Devil Bats. He originally was on the baseball team and swore to idol baseball player Honjo that he would be the greatest catcher of all time. However, baseball requires much more than catching, and Monta has no ball control when it comes to throwing. He does not make it into the high tier team. Seeing his potential, Sena reports him to Hiruma, who kidnaps Monta. Monta realizes that catching is integral part in football and he is needed by the Devil Bats, so he joins the football team.

With him joining the team, Devil Bats offensive force doubles. Before, the only play they had was Sena’s run, but now they can pass as well. Monta becomes Sena’s closest friend and the two work extremely well. This becomes crucial when they start doing combination plays. Oh, and Monta has a massive crush on Mamori, but who doesn’t.

In terms of catching abilities, Monta is one of the best in the league. He demonstrated his skills against much more experienced and physically stronger opponents like Tetsuma, Ikkyu and Sakuraba. He gives everything into the art of catching.

Anezaki Mamori

Position: Manager

She is Sena’s childhood friend is like an older sister to him. She sees Sena to be a fragile child that she must constantly protect. When she realizes Hiruma forced Sena to join the Devil Bats, she joins the team as well to keep on eye on Hiruma.

Intellectually, she is on par with Hiruma, making her one of the smartest person on the team. She has an amazing analytic skills and develops a hand signals to communicate with Hiruma while she during the plays.

It is kind of hinted that she and Hiruma has something something going on. She is the only one that matches him intellectually, is not afraid to go against his decisions, and cares for him behind the scenes. Nothing really happened because this is not a romance manga, but it as heavily implied.

Since there are many members of the team and many are very well written, and this post is getting really long… I will stop here and post the rest of the team later. As always, all credits to this magnificent manga goes to Yusule Murata and Riichiro Inagaki from Shounen Weekly!

Thank you!


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