Eyeshield 21 Retrospective Part 3: Deimon Devil Bats Cast cont’d

Here is second part as promised~

Yukimitsu Manabu

Number: 16

Position: Receiver

Signature Move: Option Route

Yukimitsu is one of my favorite characters on the team. His physical abilities are a joke, he has no natural instincts or endurance. However, he’s got brain! Intellectually, he is on the same level as Hiruma and Mamori when it comes to techniques. During plays, he has no set route, and uses “Option Route” meaning he predicts where Hiruma would think is the ideal location for him to be at. This made him a super weapon since Only he and Hiruma knows where Yuki is going to be!

Another aspect that makes this man brilliant is his passion to be part of the team. This was best shown during the Devil Bat entrance exam AKA the Hell Tower, and the summer training camp AKA the Death March. During both of those, Yukimitsu was the worst one, and he passed out on multiple occasions, but he finished them. Hiruma goes as far as cheating to include him on the team.

Hands down my favorite moment of his was against the White Knights, where Seijurou Shin planned perfectly to get a touchdown as the time ran out, realizing this, Yukimitsu pushes Shin into Devil Bats’ endfield to preserve fraction of a second, a chance for the Devil Bats to make a comeback! And this ultimately won the game for the Devil Bats against their greatest rivals!!

Takekura Gen AKA Musashi AKA 60-Yard Magnum

Number: 11

Position: Kicker

Signature Move: Extremely powerful kick

The third founder of the team. He is also known as the 60-yard Magnum. He quits the team due to family reasons prior to the start of the story and returns during the match against the Gunmans. He undergoes several hair changes. He is the most mature member of the team. His kicks are extremely powerful, and just equally rough. He can kick over 45 yards easily but there has been times where he almost missed.

He is one of the last members to join the team. With his kicking abilities, Deimon gains another weapon!

Unfortunately, he joins the team very late and does not get too much time to develop. He is one of the more mature members of team and tries to take care of the younger members. Heck, he got the Ha Ha Brothers to quit smoking.

Komuzubi Daikichi

Number: 55

Position: Lineman

Signature Move: Rip

Komuzubi joined the Devil Bats because of his high admiration for Kurita and his strength. His father is a mover so strength is seen as sign of true man to him. Of the newly recruits, Komuzubi was the most dedicated member along with Yukimitsu.

Physically, Komuzubi is very short and this becomes a huge weakness. This was most exploited during the match against the Poseidons. To make up for his small size, he has incredible strength, decent speed, decent technique, and great spirit. His spirit and strength were tested against Gaou Rikiya during the match against the Dinosaurs. His specialty “Rip” is entered around arm strength and low center of gravity, making it the perfect weapon for him.

Jumonji Kazuki

Number: 51

Position: Lineman

Signature Move: Delinquent Death Blow

Often seen as the leader of the “Ha Ha Brothers” he used to bully Sena. Then he and his friends were forced to join the team by Hiruma. Early in the story, he begins to see that in the world of football, might makes right. The society sees him and his friend as nothing but delinquent trash, but in the world of football, they are accepted as another warrior.

Of the three Ha Ha Brothers, Jumonji is the only that gets some development. His father sees his friends as trash and often tells him “If you hang around trash too long, the stench will linger.” Wanting to prove their value he decides to become a true member of the Devil Bats. Although he is not a clever like Hiruma, he saw through Eyeshield 21’s identity as Sena.

Kuroki Koji & Togano Shozo

Number: 52 , 53

Position: Lineman

Signature Move: Delinquent Death Blow

Although it is not too fair, I am grouping these two together. Like Jumonji, they used to bully Sena. But now they are proud members and linemen of the Devil Bats. With so many character in the manga, they do get the least amount of development. To crudely put it, they were bullies, was forced to become members by Hiruma, then wanted to prove themselves.

During Death March, Kuroki and Togano attempted to ditch the team and run away. But seeing that Jumonji was set on sticking with the team, they decided to follow his lead and give it their all as well.

Taki Natsuhiko

Number: 37

Position: Tight End

Taki is … an idiot. He is very dumb. But he has very good balance of strength, speed and technique, allowing him to do multiple roles. He can act as a wall and receive passes, doubling the passing abilities of the team.

He is the second last person to join the team if I recall correctly. He doesn’t really get an arc which is a shame.

Taki Suzuna

Position: Head Cheerleader

Suzuna is only other female character in the team aside from Mamori. She is almost always seen wearing rollerblades and cheering the team. She joins Deimon team during the Death March. It is heavily hinted that she has feelings for Sena. I wish that was developed a little more but oh well.

As always, all credits to this magnificent manga goes to Yusule Murata and Riichiro Inagaki from Shounen Weekly!




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