Eyeshield 21 Retrospective Part 4: Beginning to Death March

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sorry for not posting in awhile. Things have a little busy

Now the real project begins. Since I love this series so much, I am going to talk about each book. More or less skim it.



Here are the set of events that happened in the beginning:

  1. Sena is forced to join the Devil Bats unwillingly by Hiruma. He learns the basics of the game from Kurita, who proves himself to be a gentle giant.
  2. He proves his speed to be 4.2 seconds in 40 yard dash, which is amazingly fast.
  3. Sena technically become manager of the team, but Hiruma wants him to be the Running Back.
  4. First match ever is against the Cupids, the weakest team in league.
  5. Devil Bats were about to lose 0:3, but Sena makes a touchdown to win 6:3
  6. The team finds out their next match is against the Ojou White Knights, whom beat the Devil Bats 0:99 in their last match.
  7. The most important thing happens. Sena and Shin becomes rivals
  8. Sakuraba, the super star receiver gets injured
  9. The Bats lose and is out of the tournament. Sena realizes that the battlefield excites him, just to find out that the Winter tournament is the real deal and true last chance for the Christmas Bowl.
  10. The Bats decide to recruit a Receiver, and Monta is discovered.
  11. Monta gives up on baseball to pursue Art of Catching through Football.With Monta, Devil Bats’ attack doubled as now Run isn’t their only play.
  12. The Devil Bats go against the Chameleons and come out victorious. The Chameleons then become Hiruma’s slaves.
  13. With this victory, the Bats gain popularity in their school. With many recruits, Hiruma makes an entrance exam AKA Hell Tower.
  14. From Hell Tower, many important characters are recruited including: Yukimitsu, Komuzubi, and the Hahaha Bros (officially). This can be considered as the new genesis of the Bats.
  15. The new team go against the Sphynx for the chance to go against the NASA Aliens.
  16. Against Sphynx, the Bats tie, but Sphynx yields the right to play.
  17. White Knights vs. the Nagas happen, and the White Knights are crushed
  18. Devil Bats vs Aliens. We are now introduced to Panther, the fastest player in the series, and generally a really nice guy.
  19. Devil Bats lose and are exiled to America. And Death March begins!!!

So as you can see, a lot has, happened. I want to go through every detail I simply can’t do that within reasonable limitation.


I’ve said many many times, this is one of my favorite manga of all time. And this is the beginning of it. From the beginning that we learn that Devil Bats has a terrible reputation of being weak, but this is because they have only 2 real members. So getting Sena to join the team really kickstarted the neon genesis (hint hint).


The match against the Cupids was really a warm and feel for rest of the series. At first, I didn’t know what the series was going to be about, but I am so SO glad i stuck around till the end. The Cupids are the worst team. But this match is then followed by the White Knights, AKA one of the strongest teams in series. Its like going from fighting Brock to the Elite Four in Pokemon.

During the beginning, the important parts are relationship between the main characters, and how they change. One especially important thing is the rivalry between Sena and Shin. The two drives each other to push further!


By the time for Death March, Sena is now hooked on football, he has a great friend on the team, Monta, and everyone is driven to reach Christmas Bowl.


Great events happened outside the match as well. The Hell Tower chapter was pure gold! We got to meet many new awesome characters, and Hiruma made a deadly and sadistic tower to weed out the weak. Definitely a chapter to look forward to! With the new team assembled, the team heads to America, the home place for American football! Here the treacherous Death March begins! Look forward to it!!

As always, all credits to this magnificent manga goes to Yusule Murata and Riichiro Inagaki from Shounen Weekly!

Happy Thanksgiving,



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