Eyeshield 21 Retrospective Part 5: From Death March to Top 8

Here we go again! (get it, it’s a Star Wars reference. you know, for the new movie that just came out.)

So here is the events that happen:

  1. In US, the team meet up with the powerful Seibu Wild Gunmen.
  2. With Kid and Tetsuma Jo, Hiruma, Sena and Monta enter a beach football competition
  3. Here they meet Doburoku who agrees to train them in preparation for the upcoming tournament
  4. Everyone heads to Seibu’s ranch for a party and Hiruma tells Doburoku that the team is going to do Death March. Doburoku is against the idea since it is too dangerous, but he folds.
  5. The airport scene! The main roster (except Mamori) finds out Eyeshield 21 is Sena
  6. Death March begins
  7. Sena starts training for the Devil Bat Ghost!!
  8. Sena gets separated from the team and accidentally tries out for NFL and meets Taki and Suzuna, and brings them to the team.
  9. Hiruma robs the Casino dry and Las Vegas and the team returns to Japan
  10. The true tournament begins and its Devil Bats vs Cyborgs. Bats win relatively easily.
  11. Devil Bats have some easy wins, which is new for them. These are against the Guts and the Scorpions.
  12. Devil Bats play against the Poseidon’s high defense. And WINS Their first true match really.
  13. Devil Bats VS Wild Gunmans, making this the best offense vs offense match.
  14. Musashi rejoins the team
  15. Sadly the Bats LOSE. Now they have to try for the 3rd spot for their region.
  16. Devil Bats vs the Spiders. Eyeshiled 21 vs Eyeshield 21.
  17. Mamori finally finds out Sena is ES21.
  18. Bats win against the Spiders and enter the top 8 for the Christmas Bowl.
  19. And their first opponent… The Shinryuji Naga AKA the god.


One thing I love about this series is that it does not BS the readers and the characters. It is ALL about winning. Himura says this and many say this in the series. If you lose, the effort and trying is meaningless. Winning is the only goal. As cold as this message may be, it’s true. No one cheers for the losers. And to win, these kids throw everything.

Death March is one of the biggest events that happen in the story. For 40 days, the team is running across America. To boot, Sena coming out as Eyeshield 21 was epic, sadly Mamori is still oblivious. I think Suzuna is a great addition to the team. She is not scared to poke fun at Hiruma and balances out the character dynamics well. And possible relationship material for Sena. From Death March, Sena learns the skill Devil Bat Ghost, which quickly becomes one of this strongest technique.


It was refreshing to see how much stronger the Deimon became. In the early games, literally every game was a struggle. It was nice to see the, having couple of easy matches. The you get to the big biys, starting with the Poseidons.


The Poseidon players were huge, and they made Deimon look to puny. Kakei, the ace, was especially punishing as he is gigantic, fast, and smart. Another thing I love about this series is how it incorporates other sports. Mizumachi’s ultimate attack is literally called “Swim”. But after struggling, the Bats come on top. Only to play against the Wild Gunman


For those not aware, Seibu Wild Gunman are THE offense team. They almost destroyed the White Knights (they lost due to Tetsuma drinking too much water). Unfortunately, Deimon was outclassed in almost every aspect. Kid, QB, was smarter and faster than Hiruma. Tetsuma, WR, was faster and stronger than Monta. Riku, RB, wasn’t faster than Sena, but his technique made him a threat. Hiruma accepting defeat was so sad to see… Oh, and Musashi joins, which was emotional, but not as much as the team losing.


Fortunately, top 3 gets to go to Christmas Bowl Tournament. Which leads to Deimon VS Spiders. Spiders have been a quite team. Their only strong point until now was Kotaro and his 100% accuracy kick. Then comes Akiba, AKA Eyeshield 21. Akiba is fast and his technique allows him to overpower Kurita at times. Another big thing that happens is Sena announces that he is Eyeshield 21, and finally Mamori gets it. This announcement makes this ES21 VS ES21.


The Bats rise victorious and heads to Top 8 regional tournament. And they are going against the strongest team in the region.. the Nagas.


PS – Oh, and the cheerleaders for Seibu and Poseidons were nice!


Next up, the Top 8 tournament!

As always, all credits to this magnificent manga goes to Yusule Murata and Riichiro Inagaki from Shounen Weekly!

Happy Holidays!



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