Barakamon Recommendation

Happy new year! And this is the year of the monkey!

So this section would be something I like to recommend. This is not a review, but something I want to talk about, because this is my blog… I will try to recommend things that people may not heard of, so here we go.

So Barakamon, is a Slice-of-Life anime about a calligrapher in rural Japan. The show is made by Kinema Citrus and is licensed by Funimation. I saw the show on Hulu.

The show follows the life of Handa Seishu, a young (like 23) Master Calligrapher. He punched a critic and is taking it slow on the rural side of Japan.The other main character is Naru, a 7 year old girl that show Handa the beauty of enjoying life. She is energetic and is source of inspiration for Handa. As well as being the life of the party and the series.

The show, especially the kids, are extremely cute. Many of the kids gives no f*cks. For example, Naru steps on/ kicks unconscious Handa’s head while moving around.

The sense of community is real nice. Everyone loves everyone essentially. And everyone loves to be everyone’s lives. Handa has visitors to his house literally everyday. The kids, and virtually everyone know how to get into Handa’s house against his will.

Oh, Handa’s mom is freaking hilarious. She senselessly beats anyone who disagrees with her. There are a lot of gifs of her doing that I’m sure. Below is her attacking her husband.

The show is only 12 episodes long, so it is very nice and sweet! Admittedly, I have not read the original manga by Yoshino Satsuki. This has lovable characters, good character arc for the hero, great comedy and many more.


If you want to relax and watch something fun, this is a great one. This show will make you consider moving for a simpler flow of life. So, if you can, give this one a chance!




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