Eyeshield 21 Retrospective Part 6: Top 8 to End of the Winter Tournament

We’re almost done here guys. So here are the events:

  1. Interview 8 – fun break from the games
  2. Bats VS Nagas
  3. Yukimtsu’s debut AND Yuki scores a touchdown!!!!
  4. Monta vs Ikkyu
  5. Sena vs Agon
  6. Dragon Fly and the Golden Dragon Fly
  7. Bats win against the Gods
  8. Bats VS White Knights
  9. Ojo shows off their ultimate attack Sagittarius!!
  10. Yuki does the thing
  11. Bats win against the Knights!!!
  12. Wild Gunman VS Dinosaurs
  13. Kid gets critically injure, followed by Tesuma getting injured
  14. Dinosaurs win
  15. Bats VS Dinosaurs
  16. Kurita vs Gao
  17. Bats defeat the Dinosaurs

Interview 8 was a pretty relaxing break. I felt bad for the interviewer, she invited Hiruma and Agon to the same table, the 2 most diabolical people in the series.

And then when she asks why Hiruma plays football, he says this!!!!

Then starts probably the craziest match Devil vs God. This match was loooooooooooong (from Vol 22 – Vol 24 I believe). The Bats were really pushed to their limit. Hiruma literally threw all the cards he had. And just barely, the Bats won!

One of the best moments is Yukimitsu being Hiruma’s secret weapon. Yuki has no experience, his specs are terrible, and this is his FIRST game. And he freaking scores a touchdown!!

After the match against the gods, the fateful time arrives, rematch against the holy knights of Ojo. This was THE match the series has been building up to. Unfortunately it wasn’t the finals. Fortunately, it was awesome. Sena vs Shin, Monta vs Sakuraba, Hiruma vs Takami, Kurita vs Otawara…. it was fantastic.

As usual, Ojo’s iron defense

Sakuraba is a great character. In the begining of the series, he was a pretty boy who was just tall. But he couldn’t stand everyone calling him the ace and making him larger than he actually is. And as a normal person, he kept challenging Shin. And now, the two are double aces of Ojo. And together, they become the Sagittarius, Ojo absolute ultimate attack.

To give you an idea of how dangerous Sagittarius is pretty easy. Takami and Sakuraba together formed the Everest Pass, a pass so high only Sakuraba could catch it. One weakness to this is the landing where people tackle him. Now add the destruction that is Shin’s Trident Tackle to secure Sakuraba’s safe landing. This give Ojo the offense they lacked.

Another great moment was mentioned in previous post, but Yuki pushes Shin to score on his own team, and ultimately wins the game! This is so ridiculous, it’s brilliant. If Yuki prevented Shin from scoring, the Bats would’ve lost. Great moment, great moment.

During this match, we really get to see what a monster Seijurou Shin really is. He freaking stopped Sena with a FINGER while FALLING!! Who does that! And the almost dooming moment when he reached 4.2 second speed, and matching Sena. Shin was a beast.However, Sena beats Shin and the Bats move to the next round. This battle was exceptional. It tested power, speed and technique to their absolute limit. Simply, awesome.

When you thought the threats were over, this guy enters the scene. Gao Rikiya. Dinosaur’s linemen. Holds high school bench press record. Absolute strongest. Oh, and he’s the same grade as Sena.

Gao and the Dinos are like nothing anyone has seen before. Speed, forget it. Technique, whatever. Power is the only thing that matters. Dino’s favorite attack is called North South. Literally the QB, Marco, follows Gao down the field as Gao lays destruction in his path. It’s probably the dumbest technique, but it works because Gao is leading it. But, don’t get it wrong, Gao is a fair player. He has broken arms of most QBs, because it is allowed. He has such a great control over himself that it’s scary. And Gao has his sights on one guy during the whole tournament, the friendly giant Kurita.

The Dinos lay waste to the Sphinx and defeats the Wild Gunman. Yeah, Kid lost to sheer might and broke his throwing arm into three pieces. Now the Deimon’s turn.

The Dino match was a very Kurita centric. I enjoyed that since previous matches were Sena or Hiruma centric. Through the beginning Kurita is scared that Gao will harm Hiruma. and it happens, Gao tackles Hiruma and Hiruma breaks his arm. And then a lot of things happen.

For the first time ever, Sena acts as a QB. Kurita eventually gets his shit together and overpowers Gao! Hiruma returns to the field with broken arms to still poses as a threat. And at the end, the Bats win the tournament!!!

Bats vs Dinos was one of my all time favorite matches. Both teams were virtually a joke the year before and now they are fighting at the finals. And next post will the end for this 😦

As always, all credits to this magnificent manga goes to Yusule Murata and Riichiro Inagaki from Shounen Weekly!




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