Hyouka Recommendation

Do you like mystery? What about slice-of-life? Or subtle romance? If you answer yes to all of these questions, I have a recommendation for you! If you haven’t seen the title of this post, it’s Hyouka.

Hyouka is anime that was based on a light novel by Yonezama Honobu. The anime adapation was made by Kyoto Animation, so everyone is cute.

So the story follows Oreki Hotaro, a guy who really doesn’t like to work. However, his deduction and observational skills are incredible. One of the mysteries, Oreki solved without getting out of the seat. One day he meets Chitanda Eru, a girl who has insatiable curiosity. Chitanda is usually seen dragging Oreki around to solve mysteries, literally as shown below.

In the supporting role is Satoshi and Mayaka. Satoshi is a library of information ready at Oreki’s disposal (does this sound weird?). Satoshi is proud of his knowledge but also a little jealous of Oreki because Satoshi can’t do much with his info while Oreki can… Mayaka is kind of the muscle of the group. She is friends with Oreki and has a huge crush on Satoshi. Everyone in the group knows this, but Satoshi is putting off answering her in fear it will break the norm. Oh, she loves to cosplay.

The mysteries in this series is very unique is in that they aren’t so dramatic. No one is murdered, there is no conspiracy to take over the world or anything like that. The mysteries are very mild, and that was somehow entertaining. For example, one mystery is to see “Why do students rent and return this specific library book within a day?” or “Our screenwriter got sick writing the mystery script, can you deduce her conclusion?”. Don’t get me wrong, some of the mysteries in the show is more dramatic than other, but I won’t spoil here.

Hyouka is a great show. I like how the show does not take itself seirously, very different from other shows like Detective Conan or Death Note. Very happy go lucky story. I was never bored, and I watched the series multiple times. I wish there was a second season, but I can still dream~~~.

If you get a chance or craving a mystery show, Hyouka will not disappoint. Hell, it even made a pun feel so tense!!!




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