Toy Collection 01: Pyramid Head


I thought it would be fun to share some of my toy collections. So here is the first one! This recently joined the family, and I really like him. If the title didn’t give it away, it’s Silent Hill 2’s Pyramid Head!

This figure is from Figma, manufactured by FREEing, and Pyramid Head is from Konami’s Silent Hill, more specifically Silent Hill 2. I like how it’s Pyramid Head from the second Silent Hill game and not the Movie version. Here is a comparison of the two PHs.

Some of the details are amazing. I had no idea the flesh beneath the pyramid was so freaking disgusting!

Also with this special neck piece, you can recreate his death scene.

Here are some more pictures of him. The way he is designed, he is scary from any angle! The texture on this body remind me of the grim nature and the static from the game. I was really happy with him!

Pyramid Head comes with his iconic Great Knife as well as less iconic spear.

Won’t you give him a hug?

I wouldn’t so…. there is that.

I have more toys, so stay tuned.



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