Eyeshield 21 Retrospective Part 7: Alexanders, Team Japan, and the FINALE

So here we are, the last stretch of this magnificent series.

Kind of make me sad actually.

This series brought me to tears several times. I am not sure if I mentioned this, but I read the series from the beginning to end more than 7 times, and it got better each time. We have watched the Bats and triumphed over the White Knights, the Nagas, and the Dinosaurs to reach the finals. Against the Alexanders, the best of the best.

The last stretch:

  1. Training from the best
  2. Monta vs Taka & Sena vs Yamato
  3. Bats win and gets the Christmas Bowl!!!
  4. The International Youth Tournament announced
  5. Sena and co forms the Japan Youth team
  6. Japan vs a lot and leads to Japan VS USA
  7. Japan and USA TIES and end of an era
  8. Conclusion – the university leagues!

The huge obstacles from the past games are now here to help the heroes of the series fight their next battle!


Now to becoming the Japan’s best…. vs the Alexanders. These guys are basically Japan All Stars. Unfortunately, to me this was less interesting than the tournament. It may have to do with being more invested in the teams in the tournament like the White Knights, Wild Gunman, and even the Dinosaurs.


Couple of things about the Alexanders. 1, Honjou Taka. He is the son of Monta’s idol and extremely powerful. When it comes to aerial play, he seems to be invincible. His jump range is crazy. Due to this, Monta is jealous of his training and skills, but this will not stop him from tackling the hawk.


2, the real Eyeshield 21 AKA Yamato Takeru. The ace of the Alexanders, that is to say the best of the best. Yamato another man to wear the title of Eyeshield 21, claiming the title of the best running back of the generation. He is the one that Kakei from the Poseidon was talking about, the hero of Notre Dame. He is fast, strong, and knows every technique. And he looks so refreshing….


and 3, female QB Karin! She is really cute, also seems to not like the sports. BECAUSE she is an artist, her throws are super clean and easy to catch, making her the perfect QB for Taka. Also she does fanarts of her teammates.


The battle was a tough one, but the Bats come out victorious and claims the Christmas Bowl!!!


Once you thought it was over, then starts the American Football Youth World Cup. So Sena and Monta form Team Japan, the best of the best of the series. Some members include: Shin, Gao, Agon, Kid, Tetsuma, Yamato, Taka, and many more. In short, it was the most badass team in the series. I mean just look at that!


Gao, Shin, Otawara, Agon, Ikkyu, and Taka on defense. Kid, Sena, Monta, Kurita. Tesuma, and Yamato on offense. This is a ridiculous team. There was a new edition to the team called Chubo, but he wasn’t too interesting….Some interesting moments include:

The Demon Dragonfly


Agon getting a surprise shave:


Some racy stuff….


This tournament actually happened real quick. It was just the last 2 volumes for the entire tournament, if I recall correctly. The real match was the finals: Team Japan vs Team America. But even that was very short.

It was nic to see Panther, now the fastest man (4.1 second run), sees Sena as his rival.


I won’t spoil how the match actually ends, but it was pretty good. Japan’s best vs America’s best.

The series ends with seeing Sena in the university league. Deimon members all went to different schools and leading different teams. It was really cool to see the rearrangements and all new teams. I mean Hiruma, Mamori and Kid are on one team, and Sena, Kurita, and Unsui are on another. It would cool to see where this would go but that is it for now!

I liked how the last color spread echos the first chapter’s


-Final Thoughts-

As I said countless times, this is one of my favorite series of all time. I read the whole series, from the beginning to the end at least 8 times. And this series is the best sports manga / anime I had the honor to read. It is so much better than Haikyuu (sorry Vivian) or Kuroko no Baske… Although the Retrospective of Eyeshield 21 is over, I may bring it up here and there.

To this day, I have not come across another underdog story as good as this one. The Devil Bats started as the worst team in the league, even worse than the Cupids. And they end as the Best in Japan, and good chunk of their team becomes some of the best in the world. It would be a lie if I said I wouldn’t be happy if they make a sequel to this series… But what we have is a master piece!!!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this, I know I did.

As always, all credits to this magnificent manga goes to Yusule Murata and Riichiro Inagaki from Shounen Weekly!

Thanks as always,


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