Fallout Custom Steelbook Cover Project part 2


With the logo planned out and spray paint tested, I took apart the Steelbook case and painted the yellow on to the cases. Here is a picture!


Then I moved onto contacting couple of custom decal companies. However, the best one I found told me something I did not want to hear. Either I had to enlarge the graphics by 200%. And this will cost me $100 for 4 copies, their smallest quantity. Problem being that double scale will not fit on the bluray case. Another option is to use more precise machine and order 200 copies of the decals for $500. And I wasn’t willing to spend $500 on sticker. So I decided to go old school and cut everything by hand.

Instead of using transferable custom decals as I hoped, I got some labeling paper and used an exacto knife. It wasn’t as perfect as I hoped, but it looked better than I expected.


And here is the photo of the cases ready for the splash of blue!


While this was going on, I knew that I was going to have a most of the spray paint left over. So I took this opportunity to try making a custom color PS3 controller as well, to go with the new case. This process took a lot shorter than the case, as less planning was needed.


I do not own any rights to Fallout, that is all Bethesda, and partly Obsidian. The case I am using is by Steelbook and paints are from Krylon.

Stay tuned!


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