Some of my Favorite American Cartoons

Steven Universe By Rebecca Sugar from Cartoon Network

If you are on Tumblr, chances are you have seen this. It’s a great show. It is made for children, but adults can definitely enjoy this. Some parts of the show, children will not get, but will horrify adults. One example is Greg, Steven’s dad, and Amethyst’s relation ship.

Archer From FX Networks

This is a really messed up show. Starting from the pilot, the show does not hold back. I mean Archer getting an erection from imagining his mother dying… priceless. This show introduced me to H Jon Benjamin, whom I have become a fan of.

Bob’s Burger from Fox

Speaking of H Jon Benjamin, Bob’s Burger is another great family series. Children can watch this show and not understand all the adult content. Like how Linda casually tells the children they came from her vagina. This is a great story about a loving family enjoying their days.

Rick and Morty From Adult Swim

Probably the most messed up show on this list. Spoilers…….. Rick drives the devil to kill himself. Morty buries his own corpse from another timeline. Morty almost gets raped by a jellybean creature. Great show.

Venture Bros. Again, from Adult Swim

Another really messed up show. This chronicles the lives of the Venture family. It makes fun of the Saturday morning cartoons and superhero genre in weirdest ways possible. Like there is a hero, Captain Rainbow, who is a pedophile that recruits little boys as sidekicks so he can molest them in their sleep. Brock Samson, a government agent badass gets so traumatized by the events, he needs to step away from the action.

Gravity Falls From Disney

I know, Disney. This show is weird. Great villains, great messages, lovable family, and strange town. One of the bad guy is a triangle from demonic dimension that wants to turn the town insane. good stuff.

Do you watch any of these?



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