Random Thoughts 01: Story Complexity

So this is a section where I just put random thoughts. I always felt that it was interesting how a lot of stories got more and more complicated. Sure Slice-of-Life genre is an exception. But I guess I am talking about feeling the need to get complicated, as if a simple story is a bad one.

Stories will get more and more complex as more characters join, stories progress, and relationship among characters intersect. But story can still be good without getting complicated.


Some of my favorite stories have been some thing simple or something that can be made simple. That is to say I am not saying complicate stories are bad. There is a difference between Complicated and Complex. And I feel that complex is good, still coherent where as complicated is well.. complicated.


My favorite manga of all time is One Piece, I have been reading it for past decade…. wow I feel old. Main character has a simple goal and goes through rather simple adventure. But something like Bleach, where Arrancar came from Hollows but are different. Quicy are not Shinigami but can also kill Hollows. Ichigo is apparent Shinigami, Quincy, and something called Fullbringer npw…? I lost track of it all.


When I say complex, I am thinking of something like HBO’s Game of Thrones (or George R R Martin’s a Song of Ice and Fire for those book master race people) is complex, not complicate. The story how I explained to my Mom is this “The wolf family and the lion family don’t like each other. One day the deer king, friend to the wolves, die and wolves think lions did it. Then lion prince kills daddy wolf, and voila, war.” The story could be simplified.


I love Neon Genesis Evangelion, but the most recent movie kicked me the balls, hard. One of my biggest problem with Gainax’s  Rebuild of Evangelion 3.0 is that it complicated everything for no real reason, at least to me. There will be spoilers… you have been warned. There is a time skip between the second movie and this one…. because why not. But Shinji was an orange juice so he did not age. Asuka was also an orange juice (?) so she did not age. But has an eye-patch. Misato looks more mature rather than older. So what was the point of the time skip? And now there are 2 warring factions? Are all angels dead like End of Evangelion? Eva 01 is now a ship engine? There is Eva 13 that looks almost identical to Eva 01? Who is one whose side and is giant Rei still a thing? What was the damn point in making this mess??????

What are your thoughts?



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