Disgaea 2 Retrospective

So from the title, you can already tell this is a sequel to Disgaea 1: Hour of Darkness. Yes, this is Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories, or Makai Senki Disgaea 2. Like before, this game is made by Nippon Ichi Software and the designs are done by Takehito Harada. The game came out 2006, making this year its 10th BIRTHDAY!!!


The first big difference you will notice is that the game has an animated opening! When I didn’t know about the series, I though Disgaea was an anime, and to be fair, there is an anime adaptation. But this opening was soooooo good! Sadly I searched for the anime for way longer than I want to admit…


Disgaea 2 has mostly new cast, other than Etna, everyone is new.


Adell is the hotheaded protagonist who works as a Demon Slayer. He is the red one if you didn’t know. His family and home, Veldime, was cursed by evil Overlord Zenon and he is going to change that!!

Rozalyn, one of my first game crushes, is Overlord Zenon’s daughter, the blonde. When Adell’s mom, a summoner, tried to summon Zenon so Adell can end him, accidentally summoned this princess. She is sheltered and a total Tsundere.


Zenon is the big bad guy this time around. He is famous as being the God of All Overlords, and is the current overlord of Veldime. He is a stereotypical bad guy. I do like Dracula-esque design Takehito Harada did though!


Etna returns to the story. She and Laharl had a huge fight, and she wants to become an overlord herself. And every overlord needs a netherworld to rule, so Etna wants to take down Zenon and rule Veldime. She seems to be wearing more revealing clothing than before.

-Story (spoiler upcoming)-

The story takes place in a netherworld called Veldime. This is a different netherworld from the one where Disgaea 1 took place, which I thought was cool! Veldime is ruled by Overlord Zenon who turned everybody into a monster. So Demon Hunter Adell, the only human in Veldime, is trying to slay Zenon. So Adell’s mom tries to summon Zenon, but accidentally summons Rozalyn instead. So Rozzy decides to lead Adell to Zenon in-exchange for bringing her home. On the way to Zenon they meet colorful characters like Etna and Axel. During the travel, Rozzy sees the damage her father has done to Veldime and her loyalty to her father starts to shake.



Through out the journey, Rozzy finds outs that she is actually the reincarnation of Overlord Zenon, and her “father” is a fraud that kidnapped her when she was a child to raise her and brainwash her. This and other things convinces Rozzy to destroy Zenon to save Veldime. This revelation actually makes sense, since when Adell’s mom summoned Zenon, Rozzy showed up.

I like the classical feeling story of Disgaea 2, however it seemed to be way smaller in scale compared to Disgaea 1. In D1, it was a war between 3 worlds, and this one was contained to one. I am not saying more is better, but wanted the Disgaea multi-verse to expand a bit more.

PS. D2 also gave us the first official protag couple!!




Very similar to the first one. But everything has been made to be better and more intuitive. One big change is the Felony system. Instead of farming Statistician innocents, this increase the exp multiplier per character permanently, and caps out at 300%+. Although this does not seem to change a lot, this means that every character needs their own Felony points rather than sharing Statisticians.


To make the game even more ridiculous is the introduction of Dark Levels which is complex challenge maps, and the terrifying Land of Carnage (LoC). From this point on LoC is included in every Disgaea game. It is identical to tall story missions, but all enemies are 1000 times, or more, stronger.


I mean look at this. This creature’s health is so high, it goes beyond the status screen!

-Does it hold up Today?-

I said no to the first Disgaea…. and the second, I say yes, especially the PSP remake. The game is smoother and faster in every way. All my complaints about the first game has been addressed. With only bad thing being the felony system.

Land of Carnage brings the difficulty to new heights, and many more cameos from other games like Makai Kingdom and Disgaea 1 keeps the roster fresh. The story I liked, and more interesting the second time around, with the Rozzy being Zenon twist being addressed at the very beginning. By adding a great roster of characters and classes, I think it should not be missed.


All credits to this magnificent game goes to Nippon Ichi, NISA. And thank you Takehito Harada for your beautiful art!!



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