The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Unboxing / Toy Collection

Here is a quick update on my collection! This arrived today after work. It is Nippon Inch Software’s the Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival. The official release date is tomorrow I believe.

For those of you who don’t know, it is a PS4 Remaster of the PS3 game. I did not get a chance to pick it up for the last generation, so here we are.

Here is the box that the game came in, the front and the back of the box:

Here is the main game.

The game also comes with a art book.

And an OST CD

And let’s not forget the most exciting one, the Nendoroid Puchi! I never talked about this, but I am a fan of the Nendoroid figures.

As usual with Nendoroid, their craft is exceptional! Everything felt good and the colors are great. Here is Metallia without her hat:

So that is it for the Revival! When I finish the game, I will write a little something something.

I hope you enjoyed it,


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