Deadpool Movie Review

Ok, here we go. First movie review…

Deadpool is a movie by 20th Century Fox that came out in 2016. It features Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, a Marvel character.


I am a huge Deadpool comic fan. And I remember when Deadpool said this before the movie even was planned:



Deadpool, the titular character, is on a vengeance quest to find Francis and make him hot again. This character was so true to its comic book origins, I was blown away. Deadpool knows he’s in a movie and constantly make outside world references.


Colossus (the silver man) is a pretty popular X-Men. He is a goody goody that wants to convert Deadpool to be an X-Men. And Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Ripley from Alien 3) is is his trainee, she’s kinda moody.


Francis AKA Ajax screwed up Deadpool’s life and face, and gave him the super healing powers.



Story wise, there isn’t really that much. Deadpool goes through an experiment to rid his cancer to become an immortal crazy person. He does not want his girlfriend to see his ugly face. Now he wants to be hot again.

His movie is him wanting to be hot, I think that is a pretty good Deadpool story line.

-The Good-


This movie had everything a Deadpool comic would have had. Fourth wall breaks, real life references, visual hallucinations, needless violence, and so on. I do not want to spoil the movie by telling you all the good stuff.

-The Bad-

This movie was not like the other one…


Mmmmm, other than the lack of Yellow text box, I can’t really say much. I would say the story was too simple, but this was more of a character development movie, and that could have slowed down the movie.

Personally, I thought they could make Ryan Reynolds look even uglier. Sometimes comic book Deadpool almost looks like a zombie.


  • Will I watch it again? Already have, and will probably do again.
  • Will I recommend this? Yes, yes and yes.
  • Overall thought? Amazing, I don;t know how they could have made a better Deadpool movie.

Ok, here are my thoughts, please let me know what you thought.



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