Disgaea 3 Retrospective

Disgaea has entered the new generation! To the PS3, although it was the last generation…

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice or Makai Senki Disgaea 3 is the third main line Disgaea game. It was released on Playstation3 in 2008 by Nippon Ichi Software. And as always, Takehito Hara was the character designer.


Again, Disgaea 3 has a whole new cast, and takes place in a new netherworld calle Evil Academy.



Mao is the protagonist this time around. He is an honor student, that means he skips every class, and wants to gain the powers of a hero in order to kill his father, the dean of the Evil Academy.


Raspberyl is Mao’s childhood friend and rival, and the most badass DELINQUENT in Evil Academy. That means she attends every class, volunteers relentlessly and does all sort of good deeds. She looks up to heroes and their power of friendship and love! And look at that tail, its so cute!!


Geoffrey is Mao’s sketchy butler.


Evil Academy is a world size school to produce powerful demons. Mao, the son of the Dean (which is apparently same as an overlord). Mao has been researching secret to unlocking hero’s power to kill his Dad. He meets Almaz and steals his title of hero, which turns out to be fake, and is trying to fix the problem. As usual, things are not what they seem.




Turns out Geoffrey’s true identity is Super Hero Aurum. Years ago, he came to Mao to see where Mao’s father is. Mao told him because he was mad that his dad broke his game console. Then Aurum killed Mao’s father, but the Dean didn’t fully die and now is in purgatory like stasis forever. So Mao tries to gain the power of a super hero so his father can rest in peace.

Realizing that Mao has potential to be stronger than his father, he raises Mao as Geoffrey. And now seeing that Mao is ready, Aurum is going to kill his strongest prey yet.



Some of major changes include new skill system and the geo blocks. In Disgaea 3, skills are bought with mana instead of learning new skills through use. And the geo blocks allows geo symbols to be racked on top of each other. And build structures with them


Magichange is a new system where monster classes can become a weapon for their human masters. This made the monster classes way more useful, BUT the monster replaces the weapon, instead of adding stats, so what ended up for a lot of players was losing stats with Magichange rather than anything else. Furthermore, the monster and the human has to be in the same “club” severely limiting cases this could be used. Although this does get fixed in Disgaea 4.


Disgaea 3 has by far the most classes in the series. There is a male and female version of alevery class. Which I believe Nippom Ichi thought that too, so many of the classes from this game does not return (ex. M Archer, F Gunner, M Samurai, berserker, cheerleader, etc). I do miss some of the classes….

Pirates have been introduced in Disgaea 2. They are thugs that attack you in Item World. But unlike regular Item World Inhabitants, they are much stronger than they are and pose more challenge. In D3, you can be a pirate yourself and raid item world for more levels than ever before!


Following suit of most games, DLCs have arrived to Disgaea. And DLCs include many, MANY new characters including the cast of Disgaea 2, Zetta and Pram from Makai Kingdom, classes from Disgaea 1, Pleinair and more.

-Does it Hold Up Today?-

Well, Disgaea 2 held up, so yes. They brought Statistician innocent back making things more flexible. Story wise, Disgaea 3 was my second least favorite, Disgaea D2 being the least favorite. With intro ducing new mechanics comes new issues. Magichange needs a lot of work… I have mixed feelings regarding DLCs. They are pricey and they just unlock character which should have been with the game in the first place. But how can I pass off Zetta and Rozzy~.


Overall, I think this was my least favorite Disgaea. The gameplay is better than D2, but I was not as invested in the story as much. The story did get better near the end, but it was a little too late.

I could make people with that last statement, but it is what it is. I hope you enjoyed this. And there will be more!



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