One Piece Arc-by-Arc part 2: Syrup Village Arc to Baratie Arc

Here is the part 2. Honestly, I thought this was the least outstanding arcs in the series so far. I really was not a fan of Kuro nor Don Krieg. Mihawk was awesome though.



Usopp (left) is a liar. You can tell that by his Pinocchio nose. But he is an amazing sniper. He wants to conquor his fear of everything and become a warrior of the sea like his father before him. His father, Yassop, is the sniper of Shank’s crew, making him one of the world’d finest.

Sanji (right) becomes the Straw Hat’s chef. He is talented in making gourmet dishes as well as kicking ass. Since his hands are his most prized possessions he uses legs to fight. He and Zoro do not get along… Also his weak to woman. He wants to discover the legendary ocean known as All Blue, where every kind of fish live in one place.


Captain Kuro is the main villain of the Syrup Village Arc. He as been playing a butler for village noble girl Kaya to steal her wealth. He is known for sly tactics and incredible speed in combat. His 10 sword Cat Claw is his go to weapon.


Don Krieg is the main villain of the Baratie Arc. He’s a dick. Of all One Piece characters so far, he has the most weapons: diamond knuckles, brass armor, flamethrower, and poison bomb AKA MH5 to name a few.



And there is him, Dracule “Hawk Eye” Mihawk AKA the GREATEST SWORDSMAN IN THE WORLD. He is also one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea AKA Shichibukai. He deserves this large image.


Syrup Village Arc

After the events of Buggy the Clown, the crew finds themselves onSyrup Village. There, they meet Usopp, the village liar, and Kaya, a rich sick girl. It’s kinda obvious that Usopp and Kaya has a little something something going on.


Then Usopp finds out that Kaya’s butler was an infamous pirate Captain Kuro, and he is planning to kill her for her wealth. So he asks the Straw Hats to help him defend the village and Kaya. After the fight, Usopp joins the crew as marksman to fulfill his dream of becoming the great warrior of the sea! Furthermore, as a thank you, Kaya gives the crew the Going Merry!


Baratie Arc

Baratie is a traveling restaurant. The cooks are former pirates so they can handle themselves. The main guy here is Sanji, the cook that literally kicks asses, and has fatal weakness to women.


The crew visits the restaurant. Then a pirate named Gin enters and begs for food for his captain and crew, the Don Krieg Pirate Armada. He talks about how they just fled from the Grand Line. And their pirate armada was annihilated by a single person.

Once those scums get fed, they decide to attack and take over Baratie for their own use. So starts Straw Hats VS Don Krieg Pirate Armada. During this mess, Nami decides to take all of the treasures our crew collected and flee the scene. And before the battle got crazier, Mihawk enters the scene.


Without hesitation, Zoro challenges Mihawk to a duel, and boy, Zoro got his ass whopped big time. Mihawk, impressed with Zoro’s ambitions, decide to spare his life. And gives him a HUGE scar across his chest.

After this, Zoro and Usopp heads on to chase Nami. And Luffy and Sanji team to take down Don Krieg and his men. After this, Sanji decides to join Luffy as cook to find the legendary sea, the All Blue!


The reason why Nami decided to betray Luffy is a mystery at this point. But it does not seem like for simple financial gain.


The next arc is one of my favorites! Loom forward to seeing it soon!!!



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