Gi Reviews Movie: Zootopia

Just now, I saw Zootopia by Disney, and it was pretty damn good.

Here is my review:


Officer Hopps (left) and Nick Wilde (right) are the main characters. Hopps is a rabbit that wants to be a police in a world that favors larger animals. And it seems like everyone on the internet wants to have sex with her…. Wilde is a fox with a heart of gold.


When Hopps joins the police group, all these predators are going missing and she needs to find out why. While solving this case, Hopps and Wilde become friends and they learn some of the darker sides of Zootopia. I don’t want to give too much away.

-The Good-

The visuals are amazing. The animals look so fluffy, I wanted to touch them. The design of furnitures were a blast to look at since they have to fit so many different size of animals.

Jokes were pretty good. They made fun of various Disney tropes, did a parody of the Godfather, and even poked fun at racism.

-The Bad-

Remember when I said racism? Well that is the whole point of the movie. The movie opens up with labeling predators and preys. The plot is based on how predators and preys can or cannot get along.

One question I had was what do the predators eat in Zootopia? I mean all the animals are mammals, so does that mean fish and birds don’t get the same treatment? I don’t think tigers being vegetarian is good for their health. Maybe I missed something, or thinking too deep, maybe not.

The gazelle dancer seemed really unnecessary. She said like one line in the movie. Yeah I know she has a famous singer attached to the microphone but what was her purpose? sex appeal?


  • Will I watch it again? Probably, I think my family will enjoy this.
  • Do I recommend this? Yes, I actually laughed a lot through out the movie
  • Overall thoughts? I really liked it, had a great time!!

Well, here is the review. Hope you liked it!



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