Seigi Keikan Monju Recommendation

I think this is a rather obscure manga. I never seen anyone else talk about it.


I honestly don’t know why this series isn’t as popular. It is hilarious, there is a hint of romance, and healthy dose of feels. I’m talking about Police of Justice Monju!!

Also known as Police of Justice Monju. Monjuwas written by Miyashita Hiroki and was published by Shogakukan in 2005. The series is complete with total of 12 full volumes.


The Main character is Monju (the robot in the middle), he is a nuclear powered robot police officer. But do to this and that, he is reassigned to Japanese rural town. His best friend, Officer Yamagishi (guy on left), is a pervy laid-back guy who shows Monju how to be more human. And Kamina (the woman on the right), a scientist from Tokyo, arrives on the scene later to maintain Monju. Yamashigi and Kamina more or less act as Monju’s parents.


The series is mostly slice-of-life. Most of the romance comes from Yamashigi and Kamina. Although there was a time Monu fell in love with and porno magazine vending machine.


The only part I did not like was probably the last volume. The drama and the seriousness was raised like never before. And it seemed very uncharacteristic of the series. There have been some serious moments, especially involving other sentient robots like People (Monju’s “big brother”) and Hugen (Monju’s “little brother”). But I thought the series could end on a higher note.


There were many parts in the series where I laughed so hard, the crazy wedding scene, Monju strange romance with the previously mentioned vending machine, the time where everyone thought Yamagishi ate posion dumplings, when Monju discovers Facebook, and so on.


If you like comedy, slice of life, or even mecha, I think you will enjoy it. If you can find it, I highly recommend this hidden gem.

Have you read this series before? If so, what did you think?



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