Fate/ Stay Night (2006) Retrospective

I have always been a Fate and Type-Moon-verse fan. So here is the fisr anime from Type Moon I saw!

Fate/ Stay Night (2006) is Studio Deen’s anime adaptation of Type Moon’s 2004 visual novel game of the same name.



Every X amount of years, a battle-royale between 7 magicians known as the Holy Grail War occur. These magicians AKA Masters summon powerful familiars from past present or the future AKA Servants. Servants are legenfary of historic being from past, present, future, real or fictional as long as they have made a impression in the world. What does that mean? There can be a battle between Alexander the Great and malicious Blue Beard. Servants are arranged in 7 classes. This is to organize the war and to hide their names. Their names are sacred because I can look up what kill Alexander the Great on Wikipedia. These classes include:

  • Saber – historically has been the best class
  • Archer – known for being very independent
  • Lancer – powerful is both close quarter and long range
  • Rider – known for being the fastest and hardest to catch Servants
  • Caster – Their magic is second to none
  • Assassin – weakest in combat but very sneaky
  • Berserker – strong beings exchanged their sanity for even more power. in strength, they are peerless.



Emiya Shiro (left) is the Master of his Servant, Saber (right). Shiro is not a very good magician, but he wants to be a hero who saves the world. Saber’s true identity is one of the mysteries of the show, so I won’t say it here. She wants the Holy Grail to change her past.


Tohsaka Rin (left) is Master of Archer (right). Rin comes from long line of magician family is very apt at magic. Rin wants the Holy Grail to prove to herself and her late father she became a great magician. Archer is a haughty Servant that like to be sassy. Due to Rin imperfect summoning, Archer claims he cannot remember who he is.


Illyasviel von Einzbern or Ilya is another powerful magician from a powerful family. She is also the Master of Servant Berserker.


Shiro one day stay too late at school and witnesses a battle between Archer and Lancer. Lancer later tracks down and kills Shiro to tie up loose end. Rin then brings Shiro back using her most sacred jewl. Later Shiro accidentally summons Saber. Now he is in the Fifth Holy War.


-Does it hold up today?- 

Well…. yes and no. I still like the story, it is very classic. I enjoyed the show very much, and even watched it a second time. However, there are better alternatives. There is Ufotable’s excellent Fate/ Zero and Fate/ Stay Night (2014). And after seeing Ufotable’s versions, watching the animation quality of this 2006 version is a little cringe worthy. And there are these terrible out of context things like this:


I hope you enjoyed this article!


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