One Piece Arc-by-Arc part 3: Arlong Park Arc

Arlong, he is one of my favorite manga villain. He is pure, uncontaminated racist. He is a merman who wants to prove that his race is superior to humans.


I feel like this arc really stepped up. We now know that there are is a race of beings called Merman and how their relationship with humans are bad. It opens up so many questions and expands the world of One Piece. And the scale ogf battle is 4 Vs 4. Before it was pretty much 1 Vs 1 until now. And Arlong is the most powerful pirate in the East Blue, granted Mihawk or Shanks don’t visit.



Saw-Tooth Arlong is a sawtooth shark merman, duhhhh. And the captain of the Merman Pirates. He resides in Arlong Park and reigns over various islands. He is the most powerful pirate in the East Blue. On the left is Chu and the right is Kurobi, his top crew members.


This is Hachi, Arlong’s strongest fighter and Merman Island’s second strongest swordsman. He is least assholey member of the Merman pirates. The reason why I single him out is that he makes more appearance after this arc.


The crew tracks Nami down to Cocoyashi Village, her hometown.

Nami’s Story


Nami and her sister Nojiko were adopted by an ex-marine Belle-Mere. She raised them in Cocoyashi by herself. She supported Nami’s love of cartography. Three of them grew tangerines and lived happily.

Then Arlong arrived. No one in the village was strong enough to stop him and he quickly invaded the village instantly. Belle-Mere hid the kids and faced Arlong. Belle-Mere put up a fight, but she was too weak. Arlong demanded ridiculous tax.

Belle-Merebeing not rich, only has enough money for just her or the girls. She chooses her children and Arlong kills her on spot. Then Arlong takes Nami seeing her potential to be a great cartographer.


Nami makes a deal with Arlong in that if she raises enough money, she can buy Cocoyashi village from Arlong. In exchange, she has to join the Merman Purates as the cartographer. To achieve her dreams, she starts stealing from pirates.

Back to present day…

Arlong finds Nami’s stash and gives it to the Marines as bribe. Nami confronts Arlong, and he tells her the deal is still on if she can bring him the money, and that his actions does not violate their contract. Nami, having her life work destroyed, asks Luffy for help.


With this, Straw Hats launch attack on the Merman Pirates. This battle will establish who is the worst pirate of East Blue!!

Every member of the Straw Hats has a fight:

Usopp vs Chu, Sanji vs Kurobi, and Zoro vs Hachi.


At this point, Luffy is staggered due to falling in the sea. Arlong gives Nami a choice to fight and die, or surrender and live. Then most honest and heart felt line comes up:


Lastly, Luffy VS Arlong. The fight we have been waiting for!


During the fight, Luffy ends up in the cartography room, the place where Nami was tortured for years. seeing this, Luffy destroys the room, freeing Nami!


The arc ends with Arlong’s defeat and utter decimation of Arlong Park. Nami rejoins the crew and Straw Hat Pirates head to Rogue Town, the place of beginning.


And with this, Luffy gets his first wanted poster!

This became a lot longer than I expected. I hope you had fun!


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