World of One Piece: Grand Line and Red Line

Since the Retrospective is here, I want to talk about the world of One Piece for a bit.


The planet of One Piece has two enornous “Lines” that divide the seas. The Red Line is a land mass that creates a giant wall.


The Grand Line is a band of sea that is perpendicular to the Red Line. This “sea” is where the toughest pirates and marines reside and probably where the legendary treasure One Piece lies.


The Grand Line and the Red Line divides the world in 4 quarters, East Blue, West Blue, South Blue, and North Blue.


There are 2 points where the 2 Lines meet. The first is Reverse Mountian, the entrance to the GL, and the second location is either World Government’s Marlejois or the underwater Merman Island.


Furthermore, Grand Line has bands of water around it called the Calm Belt. Weather wise it is good but it is where all the giant sea monsters live.

The only ships that can pass the Calm Belt is marine ships as they have Seastone embedded onto the bottom if the ship. And Seastones give off sea-ness so the monsters rarely react.


And the final island is the legendary island Raftel. Only the Pirate King’s crew has been there and back. Most suspect that One Piece lies on this island.

Well I hope you enjoyed this!



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