Disgaea Infinite Retrospective

I actually had completely forgotten about this one…

Disgaea Infinite is a PSP visual novel game by Nippon Ichi Software released in 2009. This is one of none main line games in the series. Most of the sprites and art is taken from the PS2 original it seems, so Takehito Harada…


The protagonist is a Prinny with the power to travel through time and to possess other characters.


As the game takes place in the world of Disgaea 1, Laharl, Etna, and Flonne are back.


Flonne is now a full on otaku. She has shown signs in the past, but it is now hardcore.



Mao and Beryl actually makes a cameo in this game, questioning the canon timeline…



The gameplay is not like any other Disgaea games. As mentioned before, it is a visual novel game, similar to Fate/ Stay Night. The gimmick is that you can possess characters and have them say things, giving the player more flexibility than some of the other VNs.


-Does it hold up today?-

Sure, why not. Visual Novels still have an audience today, and I am actually surprised that this one made overseas. The drawn art is beautiful as they are done by Takehito Harada, but the sprites are the ones from original games and they are showing their age.

If you like Disgaea’s original trio and could not get enough of them, and like Visual Novels, this one is for you. If you only like the former, there is a game coming up to satisfy that.

I hope you enjoyed this!



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