Time of Eve Recommendation

This is so GOOD!!!!!


Eve no Jikan is a 6 episode ONA made by Yasuhiro Yoshiura and Studio Rikka in 2008. There are only 6 episodes and each episode is only 15 minutes long. There is a movie version that came out in 2010. I believe it is a compilation of the 6 episodes, but I may be wrong.



Rikuo (right) is the main character. He is a high schooler and the owner of android Sammy (left). Rikuo is a student and a pianist, and due to certain events, he has stopped playing. Sammy is a house android that randomly goes on random walks.


The technology has improved so much that androids and human are indistinguishable. The uncanny valley has been overcome! However, this created a new problem, who is robot and who is human? So androids have a hologram halo above their heads and are treated as nothing more than tools.


But there is this secret cafe called Eve no Jikan that complicates everything. In this cafe, the halos are removed and androids feel safe enough to express emotions. Here, no one can tell who’s who.


This is a really nice and short series. Its short length is ba;anced by the fantastic story. If you want something different, say a story about a cafe for androids and humans, here is a perfect show for you! It has heart and a good humor. Check it out!!


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