World of One Piece: Devil Fruits

In One Piece there are these magical fruits that grant people supernatural powers in exchange for their ability to swim and loss of power in the sea. Where these fruits come from or how they work are mystery. We do know that only one user of a specific power can exist at the same time, and if that person dies, after a period of time, the fruit returns to the world. The fruits are divided into 3 categories.


Zoan Type AKA Animal power are famous for increasing the physical prowess of the user most of the 3 types. And I believe they are the most common of the devil fruits. The users of these typically have 3 forms: animal, human, and hybrid. The exception here is Tony Tony Chopper since he is orignally a deer and can increase the forms using Rumble Ball.


Logia Type AKA controlling nature is the rarest and considered the most powerful type of devil fruits. They grant the user to become a natural element, giving control to said element and transforming their body into that element. The exception here is the Yami Yami no Mi where Teach cannot become darkness.


Paramecia Type AKA the fun ones, Hhere are the weirdest and the most creative fruits. These fruits give the user strange powers, but does not make them stronger or change their body into an element.


Then there are the artificial devil fruits. The people who are working on this is genius Dr. Vegapunk and Caesar. Although neither has perfected this and seems to only be able to imitate Zoan type. Caesar’s fruits are called SMILE and is manufactured for Kaidou the 100 Beast, one of the Four Emperors.

I hope you enjoyed this quick post!



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