Disgaea 4 Retrospective

Disgaea 4: Promise Unforgotten or Makai Senki Disgaea 4 is the 4th main line entry in the Disgaea series. It was released on Playstation 3 on 2011 by Nippon Ichi Software. Again, the characters were designed by Takehito Harada.


Disgaea 4 upped the graphics, upped the story, upped the madness that is Disgaea. This is my favorite Disgaea story tied with Disgaea 1!!!



Valvatorez is the protag this time around. He is a vampire Prinny Trainer in Hades. He was once a powerful overlord, but due to a promise, he abandonned his powers and became this. He decides that the Corruptement is not pulling their weight, and decides he needs to step up.


Valzy used to be feared as the Tyrant Overlord Valvatorez. But he made a promise to a maiden to never drink blood, his source of power, again. This resulted in him becoming weaker.


Vulcanus, or Artina is an angel who came down to Hades to steal money the Netherworld owes Celestia. She has mysterious past with Valvatorez during his Tyrant Overlord days.


Fuka is a failed Prinny. Her transformation was incomplete, and she believes everything that is happening to her is a dream. Desco is an articifially craeted monster that was designed to be the final boss. She believes that Fuka is her older sister and looks up to Valzy as he promised her to train her to be a powerful final boss.


Valvatorez is a Prinny instructor in a place called Hades. He and his servant Fenrich worked here to whip freshly made Prinnies into shape for their future overlords. And seeing how the Corrupternment lost its demon ways, Valvatorez starts a revolutionary army to bring Netherworld to its former glory!


During with, he meets a range of colorful characters like Fuka and Desco. And we see Axel return as he works for the antagonists. And as the story progresses, things are not that they seemed to be. Valvatorez finds out Celestia is somehow involved in all this, and guess who is the new Archangel ….. FLONNE!!!


I think some point after Disgaea 1, 2, and 3, Flonne earned her way back to being an angel, an ARCHANGEL. She is Artina’s boss…. that was too awesome.

I am saying it here, in terms of story, Disgaea 4 is equal in awesomeness as the original Disgaea.


For the first time in Disgaea history, the graphics were improved from SD sprites to fully redrawn HD images!


Disgaea 4 fixed Magichange. Now, Magichange adds stats to the equipped item instead of replacing it like before, making it a lot more useful. And the club system is gone so any monster can Magichange with any human.


Furthermore, now monster can fuse with each other to create a giant monster. And this giant monster can Magichange into a giant weapon. And characters can now dual wield, meaning DUAL WIELDING GIANT MONSTER WEAPONS!

-Does it Hold Up Today?-

Yes, it most certainly does. I love every Disgaea games, even DD2, but this one was exceptional among them. I loved the characters, Valzy can easily be one of the best RPG protagonists, and the game mechanics felt right. The story was grander than Disgaea 2, more serious than Disgaea 3, and was as epic as Disgaea 1.


With Disgaea 1 level story and much improved gameplay, Disgaea 4 is my favorite Disgaea game overall. Story-wise, Disgaea 1 and 4 are tied.

Then folloed this up with Disgaea D2….. let’s talk about that next time…

I hope you enjoyed this!



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