Gi Reviews Batman v Superman

I’ll say it here, SPOILERS ARE HERE

This movie came out this year. With characters from DC Comics and made by Warner Bros.



Batman and Superman and Wonder Woman. You know who they are.


And Lex Luthor that acts kind of like the Joker… or Jim Carey’s Riddler…

SPOILERS from this point on



Batman wants to KILL Superman because he sees him as a threat. Superman needs to kill Batman because Lex Luthor kidnapped his mom. But this fight doesn’t happen like hour and a half into the movie…


Then Doomsday, made from Zod, comes out and attacks everything. Wonder Woman comes and kicks his ass. Then Doomsday KILLS Superman.

Justice League is kind of founded by Batman.

-The Good-


Batman, Ben Affleck, was pretty good, so was Alfred. And fear of unchecked superpowered alien is understandable.


Perry White was pretty hilarious. He constantly made great jokes and  questioned the obvious. “Crime in Gotham! On another news, Water is Wet!”

The first like half an hour was pretty enjoyable, then everything kind of dragged on.

-The Bad-


Where to start… Bruce Wayne kept having dream sequences. Which I wouldn’t have problems with except they have jump scares, and show Apokalypse and Darkseid’s Parademons, which he would not know of, therefore cannot dream.


The whole story revolves around Kryptonite. Batman spends half the movie looking for it. Uses it to fight Supes, and kills Doomsday with it.


Batman makes a SPEAR with Kryptonite. WHY?!!!!! Kryptonite bullet would make so much more sense. Why a spear! And then Superman carries it to kill Doomsday, why couldn’t Wonder Woman do that? I mean she was right there! She was kicking Doomsday’s ass while Batman was running for his life, and Supes was helping Lois swim.

Let’s talk about Lex… why was he acting the way he did? It seems like something cartoon Joker would do. The Lex I know is a calculating, efficient genius. He was driven to do things because he could not stand an alien protecting humanity. But this Lex seems to be more obsessed with having fun with gods among men.


ALSO the whole cripple guy story was totally needless. There is already enough drama in the movie. That guy provided almost nothing to this story. Was he trying to sue Superman? If this was removed, I think the movie would have been a lot better.


The movie really drove in that it was god vs man story. Every mention of Supes during like the first half of the movie was how he was god on earth. Way too much of it.


  • Will I watch it again? I don’t want to….. But I think my brother will drag me to it
  • Do I recommend it? NO. I actually called a friend to not watch it
  • Overall Thoughts? I thought I wasted my time….

No, I did not enjoy this movie. It had good moments, but the bad far outweighs the good.


If you want a good Batman vs Superman story, a little cliche but…, I recommend Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns (both comic book and the animated movie).


If you want a good Superman vs Lex Luthor story, I recommend Superman: Red Son.

I hope you enjoyed this, but probably people will hate me now…. oh well.



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