Gravity Falls Cartoon Review

Gravity Falls is an American cartoon from Disney and written by Alex Hirsch. It has total of 2 seasons and the series ended pretty recently, so here is the review!



The story follows Dipper (3rd from left), Mabel (left) and Stanford Pines (2nd from left). And that’s Soos (right). The twins, Dipper and Mabel, are visiting their greatuncle for the summer in the weirdest place on earth, Gravity Falls.


Bill Cipher is the main antagonist of the series. He is a magical demon from another dimension.

-The World-


Gravity Falls is a rural town in Oregon. There are a lot of weird stuff that happens in this place ranging from time traveling detectives, queen seeking gnomes, and sassy unicorns.


Dipper and Mabel Pines are visiting Standford for the summer at Gravity Falls. Dipper wants to experience the mystery and the wonder. Mabel just wants to have fun and make friends. Dipper comes across a journal with a six fingered hand print on it, and the content of the book is so fantastic that it could literally break reality.


As more and more mysteries come and go, things start to point at a single thing. Mainly the mystery of the Author of the journals and the demon of infinite power Bill Cipher.

-The Good-

The animation is top notch. Every second of the animation is freaking beautiful. The characters are really lovable, especially Mabel. She is really girly and REALLY weird.


The finale of the show was fantastic. I won’t say what happened but it was great. The risks has never been higher and it seems like the end of the world.


And the finale has link the the cryptic image at the end of every opening song.

Oh and that opening song!!!!

I listen to the song every episode. And I have the song on my phone now. The animation for the song sets the atmosphere so well. The creepy and fun atmosphere is immediately set. And the bizzaro twisted version of the song near the finale was just perfect.

-The Bad-


I wish some of the characters were better developed. Mabel’s friends Candy and Grenda could have used more screen time. Even Pacifica Northwest could have used more, she had a thing that could have started with Dipper.

-The Verdict-

  • Will I watch it again? Yes. I want to buy the Bluray if that is a thing
  • Do I recommend this? Yes, this is a great show for adults and children
  • Overall thoughts? Fantastic!!

I want to thank my friend Sarah Gao for recommedning this show to me. I want to say more people should watch this, but I think it has plenty of fans already!

I hope you like it,



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