One Piece Arc-by-Arc part 4: Rogue Town and Entering Grand Line

Here the stroy following the Straw Hats after defeating the strongest pirate in the East Blue, Arlong.



Smoker (left) AKA the White Hunter is a marine captain based in Rogue Town. Once he sets his eyes on a criminal, he arrests them. And he set his eyes on Luffy this time. Tashigi (right) is a sword-otaku marine sergeant major, and just happens to have the identical face to Zoro’s dead crush Kuina.


Dragon is a mysterious character. He is the leader of the Revolutionary army as well father to Luffy.


Laboon (back) is an Island Whale and he lives at the entrance of the Grand Line, the Reverse Mountain. Dr. Crocus (front) is an ex-pirate that takes care of Laboon. I might forget later so…. turns out Crocus was the medical doctor of Pirate King’s crew and has been around the Grand Line.


Miss Wednesday and Mister 9 of the Baroque Works serve as the villains for the entrance.


Rogue Town Arc


Rogue Town is where the Pirate King Gold Roger was executed, where the Great Pirate Era started. In Rogue Town the Straw Hats supply up and upgrade their gears. Mainly Zoro gets new swords the Sandai Kitetsu the cursed sword and the Yubashiri. Here, Zoro finds out that Kuina’s sword is the precious Wado Ichimonji.


Then Luffy gets in a bit of trouble where Buggy traps and tried to publicly execute him. A freak lightning strikes Buggy and the Straw Hats try to make their escape while the marines and Smoker is trying to capture him. During pursuit, Smoker is blocked by mysterious man named Dragon. Now Smoker and Buggy is heading to the Grand Line to catch Luffy.

GL Entrance Arc – Twin Peaks

After escaping Rogue Town, the Straw Hats head to where the Grand Line meets Red Line, the Reverse Mountain. Upon entering, they meet Laboon the whale and Dr. Crocus … in Laboon’s stomach.


The crew finds out that Laboon headbutts the  Red Line daily, giving him the scars, to go to the other side. He was once a pet to these pirates but he was too young to follow them 50 years ago. And now he’s too large to escape Twin Peaks. Crocus lives inside Laboon to give him sedatives to prevent Laboon from killing himself.


During this, Ms Wednesday and Mr 9 infiltrates Laboon for whaling purposes. After they were easily defeated, Luffy learns of Laboon’s story. Then Luffy fights Laboon and makes him promise a rematch, giving him reason not to kill himself. Then Ms. Wednesday and Mr.9 requests that the Straw Hats take them to Whiskey Peak, which they agree to.

I hope you enjoyed this!



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