Submerged Game Review

Submerged is an indie video game that came out in 2015 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. I played my copy on PS4. It is made by Uppercut Games.


The game is about an older sister trying to save her little brother from a severe wound.


The story for the game is made to be cryptic. As story progresses, player unlocks little by little what happened to them. The world also seems post apocalyptic.


And there are rock monsters that watch over the siblings. They really don;t do anything else.



Gameplay is the game’s weakness. It feels really slow. And its barely platforming. There is no jumping or running. There are only 2 game modes, driving the boat around and climbing boats. You go around and find things on top of buildings. That is all.

-The Good-


Visually, the game is pretty great. And that the main character is a sister trying to help her brother I thought was unique. But that is about it….

-The Bad-


The game si really repetitive. You go around on your boat, climb buildings, find item and repeat. That is the whole game….


  • Will I play it again? No. Definitiely not.
  • Do I recommend it? Probably not, at least unless it is on sale.
  • Overall thoughts? Interesting game, but needs to be more fun.

I hope you enjoyed this quick review!



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