Metal Gear Solid Retrospective

So Metal Gear Solid is one of the greatest games ever. It was a start of an amazing series (kind of), a technological marvel of its time, and really fun to play.

Metal Gear Solid was made by Hideo Kojima and Konami. It was released for the original Playstation in 1998.



Simply put, Metal Gear is a story about Snakes, mainly fight between Solid Snake and Liquid Snake. Later games more focusing on Naked Snake, but that is a different story.

Solid Snake (left) is a legendary soldier returned from his retirement to save the world from nuclear armed terrorists. He is a clone of most powerful soldier in history, Big Boss.

Liquid Snake (right) is the leader of terrorist group FOXHOUND. He is another clone of the Big Boss.

Hal Emmerich AKA Otacon is the genius scientist that designed the Metal Gear Rex. He realizes that his creation will be used for evil and decided to help Snake. In later games, he becomes Snake’s best friend!

Revolver Ocelot is a mysterious torture master. Why is he helping Liquid and what are his plans?

MGS1 has so many great characters like Mei Ling, Col. Campbell, Meryl, Psycho Mantis, Gray Fox and so on, but then this will get sooooo long.


Solid Snake has to infiltrate a fortress called Shadow Moses and eliminate all members of FOXHOUND and stop Metal Gear Rex. Metal Gear Rex is the 3rd Metal Gear in the series, they are bipedal nuclear platforms capable to launching nuclear attack from any location.

As more the mission goes on, Snake realizes that everything he know may need to be reevaluated.


The camera is from bird’s eye point of view. Snake is not made to soak up bullets, so you better hide. When Snake is caught, all hell breaks loose. It becomes extremely difficult and usually Snake dies in straight up gun fight.


The boss battles are amazing. In most games, you only remember maybe 1 or 2 boss battles. Here, almost all of the bosses were batshit insane that you cannot forget about them. There is Sniper Wold, Gray Fox, Metal Gear Rex, Liquid X3, and who can forget Psycho Mantis.

-Does it Hold Up Today?-

Yes, it most certainly does. The most recent time I played was on my PSP with the digital PS1 copy. It was amazing. I think I beat the whole game at least 4 or 5 times.

I hope you enjoyed this!


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