Disgaea D2 Retrospective

This I felt like a cash grab from Nippon Ichi. Disgaea D2: Brighter Darkness is a Playstation 3 game that came out in 2013. The characters are once again designed by Takehito Harada.

Disgaea D2 is the last Disgaea game on the seventh generation console. And the story returns to the original Netherworld, the place where everything started!



Laharl, Etna, and Flonne are back. Sicily (left to Laharl) is an angel that claims that she is Laharl’s sister. Since we know from the first Disgaea that Laharl’s mom is long dead, how is this possible?

Zenolith (top left) is the main bad guy. He has this thing called “Artifact of Absolute Death” and it absorbs magic from everything. He doesn’t seem bad, but causes harm to things around him regardless.


Where this game lies in grand Disgaea timeline is a bit unclear. Some events suggest that it came before Disgaea 2, and the fact that Flonne is still a fallen angel makes it come before Disgaea 4. But Laharl visual looks older and seems stronger than he was than any previous games. Maybe I’m digging too much.

The story is that although Laharl is now the overlord, not all demons respect him. And there is a group of demons that want to usurp Laharl to reinstate a new overlord of their choosing.


Gameplay feels like update version of the original Disgaea. Characters go back to learning skills from using weapons instead of previous mana system.

Disgaea D2 introduces the Cheat Shop. This allows the player to relocate percentage gained from one attribute to another. For example, I can reduce the money received by %100 and spend that to get %200 in exp points. This makes the game flow more to your need.

Some of the classes that were omitted make a return, which is nice to see. Sadly, male thief is still not a thing.

-Does it hold up today?-

Yes, if anything, this game feels like HD update to the original Disgaea 1. Although story0wise, it was my least favorite of the Disgaea games, the gameplay was really good.

I hope you enjoyed this one!



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