SMT Devil Survivor Retrospective

This is the first Shin Megami Tensei games I played on the Ninendo DS. The game was released by Atlus in 2009. The character designs were done by great Suzuhito Yasuda.


This is one of the first SMT games I played. And it was one of the SMT games very different from the others, not as different as Raidou, but still different.



Protagonist (the obvious center) has to lead his friends to survive the Tokyo Lockdown. Naoya (Top right) is the Protag’s cousin, he was the one that made and gave the protag his COMP machine to control and summon demons.


Suddenly demons appear in Tokyo. Then immediately, Tokyo is placed under lockdown by the government. The protagonist and his friends are trapped with demons and through the COMP, they can see how many days they have left until they die.


While trying to escape, the heroes find out about the War of the Bel. Demons with the name “Bel” are here to fight to be the best. Some of these demons include Belzebub, Bael, and Abel.

The Protag could choose to try and escape, or join the War of Bel to achieve great power.



The gameplay was like if Disgaea and Nocturne had a baby. During the moving phase, it is like Disgaea, then you engage the monster. It was a little awkward at first, but then it got awesome.


-Does it Hold Up Today?-

Yes, in fact a 3DS release came out awhile ago by the name SMT Devil Survior: Overclocked. But this version had great story, a lot of demons, multiple endings and was fun overall. So if you like demons, RPG and Disgaea, here is a game for you!

I hope you enjoyed,



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