Character Talk: Hiruma Yoichi

This is a section where I just rant on about characters I want to talk about, be it for good or bad. This is more character specific rather than story like the reviews or Retrospectives.

First up is Hiruma Yoichi from Eyeshield 21 series.

Hiruma is my favorite character from the series, even more than Sena. Hiruma is the captain of the Devil Bats, QB, and a cunning bastard. He is also a rather complex character.

He puts on a demeanor to intimidate other as fear motivates allies and scares opponents. However, as the team started to grow, he begins to get attached to other characters. When Monta joined, Kurita said of everyone, Hiruma was the happiest. And when Musashi returns, Hiruma gets more playful.


He hates showing weakness. He knows that his physical stats are nowhere near impressive. There was a sweet moment when Mamori was the only one that realized Hiruma was in pain. To make up for physical weaknesses, he relies on his brain. But even there, he has been outclassed by Kid from the Wild Gunman. But as long as there is even a speck of victory, he does not surrender.


As mentioned before, Hiruma is extremely cunning. He is smart but also unpredictable. He often says something like “It would be crazy to do something like that, so we are going to do that!!” One of these time being when he threw a super long pass with a BROKEN arm. Due to this play style, Devil Bats have become a powerhouse.

I hope you like this, there may be a follow up to this one… I don;t know yet.



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