Oji-san to Marshmallow Anime Review

Oji-San to Marshmallow is a very short anime made by Creators in Pack. Each episode is about 3-4 minute and there are 12 episodes. It is based on a manga of the same name by Rekomaru Otoi.


This is a short review for a short show!



On the left is Wakabayashi, she is madly in love with the oblivious fat man that is Hige.  The show mainly focuses on her attempts to get him to notice her. Hige’s is totally oblivious to her approaches unless it is through marshmallows.



Honestly, there is not much to story. The episodes follow the two main characters in a romantic comedy fashion. she tries REALLY hard to get Hige to like her. But the only thing that he has a boner for is the sweet goodness of marshmallows. The guy has a fetish for those things.

-the Good-


The show is cute. Wakabayashi is likable and watching her trying her best to get Hige’s attention is great. The designs of all the characters a fluffy and cute. Wakabayashi even tries to be sexy, but Hige mostly sees her as a coworker.

-the Bad-

Show gets pretty repetitive. The only thing that seems to get Hige’s attention is marshmallow so that tactic is used every single episode. And during the second half, they introduce a new slut character that obviously stands no chance in terms of romance. She is just generally unlikable.


  • Will I watch it again? No. I won’t
  • Do I recommend it? Sure, since it is short and kind of cute
  • Overall thoughts? I liked it. Wish is was less repetitive though.

This show was good. Repetitive, sure, but it was short enough that it didn;t reach the point of being annoying.

Hope you like it,



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