Uzumaki Manga Review

No, this is not about Naruto, but a piece by horror master Junji Ito


Uzumaki is a horror manga written by Junji Ito. The manga came out 1998 and was published by Big Comic Spirits. This was recommended to me by my brother, and it was good.



The story follows Goshima Kirie (right) is a high school girl in a cursed town of Kurouzu-cho. Her boyfriend, Saito Shuichi (left) helps her through the story. His father was obsessed with spirals, and seems to be the catalyst of the plot.



The story is about a set of events happening to this terrible town, and we follow Kirie struggle to survive.

-the Good-


Some imagery of in this manga is actually terrifying. The image of Suichi’s father in that barrel was horrifying. The image and thought of the snail people are grossing.

There are wide range of subjects for the spirals. Like hurricanes, vampires using drills, creepy light house. The body horror is amazing, and the art style fits the theme and the mood perfectly.

-the Bad-


Some of the events that take place in the story is not really scary, but more funny. And this really hurts the story for me as it takes away from the horror aspects. Especially the hair episode was laughable. That jack in the box was straight up hilarious. I think if those parts were removed, it would have made a scarier piece.


  • Will I read again? Definitely. And cry that Silent Hills isn’t happening…
  • Do I recommend this? Oh Yes. This was a great experience.
  • Overall thoughts? Great piece of horror. 

I don’t read too many horror manga. But this one is definitely one of the better ones. The creatures were gross, imageries were scary, and that is all I asked for!

Hope you liked it,



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