One Piece Arc-by-Arc part 6: Drum Drum Kingdom Arc

Let’s get right to it!



Tony Tony Chopper is a doctor and a devil fruit user. He is a reindeer that ate the Human Human Fruit. He becomes the chief medical person for the Straw Hats.


Wapol is a king of the Drum Kingdom and part time pirate. He is a tyrant of his kingdom and does not like the fact that there are rebels.


Dr. Kureha has been mentoring Chopper with her brilliant medical knowledge and the only real doctor in Drum Kingdom.


Dr. Kiluluk is another doctor of Drum Kingdom. He finds and raises Chopper to become a doctor.


Drum Kingdom Arc


Since leaving Little Garden, Nami has gotten sick and needs immediate medical attention prior to going to Alabasta. Vivi finds out that the rebel army is gather force and the country will probably enter civil war very soon.


During their aimless travel, Wapol and his crew tries to invade Luffy’s ship but fails. And they reach Drum Drum Kingdom and its enormous mountains. The villagers were not fond of pirates, but Luffy bows his head to let them in. And the villagers agree. Unfortunately, the only doctor in the kingdom lives on top of that hellish mountain. So Luffy, sick Nami, and Sanji decides to climb.Here, the Straw Hats find out that pirates known as Blackbeard visited the kingdom before them.

Wapol returns to Drum kingdom and is planning to be a tyrant again. He decides to return to his castle, where the doctor is and Luffy is heading. Upon reaching the peak, Luffy faints but is rescued by Chopper. Dr. Kureha heals the crew. During this time, we delve into Chopper’s back story. And Luffy wants to recuit him!

Chopper’s Story

Chopper is a reindeer born with a blue nose. Because of that, he was bullied since birth. Then he accidentally ate the Human Human fruit which made him more unrelatable and was driven out of the pack. But his looks alienated him from the humans as well.


But the one person that took in poor Chopper and raised him as his own son was Dr. Hiluluk. He and Chopper lead a great life until Hiluluk kicks out Chopper. Not realizing Hiluluk is dying quickly, Chopper tries to enter make things right again. Being a softy, Hiluluk welcomes Chopper and with his help, Hiluluk’s project is finished.


Hiluluk hears that Wapol’s personal doctors were sick and heads up there to save them, not realizing it was trap set to capture him. Upon realizing, Hiluluk is glad no one is sick, and drinks an explosive sake to end his life, so that Chopper was not the reason he died.

Back to Present


Wapol reaches his castle and the fight starts. It’s Luffy, Sanji, and Chopper vs Wapol and his cronies. Wapol disrespects Hiluluk’s flag, but Luffy shows him who’s the boss. With that, the real fight begins.


Chopper uses Rumble Ball to give himself total of 7 new forms, and kick ass! It becomes pretty clear that Wapol is totally outclassed by Luffy in combat, he tries using weapons, eat Luffy, but nothing works. Luffy then blows Wapol away with Gum Gum Bazooka!


After the battle, Chopper says no one wants a monster like him. Oh Chopper, there are a lot more monstrous things in this world, and you are going to see them! Luffy convinces him to join, and we’re off to the next island, the one ruled by a dessert crocodile, Alabasta! So send Chopper off to his new adventure, the island prepares Hiluluk’s final experiment. I don;t usually do this, but here is a color spread!


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