Fallout 4 Game Review

Real quick, I am not a Fallout veteran nor a fanatic. I have just recently got into the series and am loving the lore. This game is made by Bethesda and came out November of last year. I have this one for the PS4.



Protagonist is a man/woman that was cryogenically frozen for couple of centuries. S/he was frozen at Vault 111 right as the Great War started.

Shaun is the said baby that you are looking for. The longer you look at him, the creeper he gets.


Someone stole your baby, now go find him. This is pretty much it. So now to the fun part:

-the World-


Let’s face it, Fallout’s most interesting part is the world, not the characters. Fallout, as name would suggest takes place in United States, most specically in Boston in 4, after a global nuclear war. No one knows who started the war, but it ended in mere hours, and now the world is a wasteland, at lest US is.


In the Commonwealth there are a lot of stuff going on. The mysterious group Institute is changing people into machines called Synths, the Brotherhood of Steel entered the area to wipe out the Synths and the Institute, there is a ghoul mayor that runs a shady town, there is supermutant that wants to cure the FEV, there are robot pirates that want to sail the skies, and so much more.



The gameplay is very familiar to Fallout 3. It is shooting and RPG being mixed together. The VATS system slows down time, instead of completely stopping time like the previous games, and lets the player select where to hit with a percentage of hit chance on it. It is like if the original isometric turn based system was translated to FPS. I herd the shooting is a lot better this time around, but I played Fallout 3 so long ago, I can’t quite remember it.


Biggest edition to the gameplay is the Settlement system. Here, you can get settlements and build your own fortresses. I don’t think there is any actual point to these, but they are quite fun to play with. And, it is a good way to make some cash if you are using industrial water filters. It’s clunky, but it’s fun.

-the Good-


Seriously, the world of Fallout is the best part of the game. I had so much fun just exploring all the things. I literally said “today, I head that direction” and went from there. I actually forgot what the main plot was for awhile. The world is so colorful, more so than any of the previous titles. The map is HUGE but so many of the places were unique and memorable. There is a greenhouse run by Mr. Handys, how cute is that!


There is this area known as the Glowing Sea, that is where the nukes actually hit. The whole place is radiated and filled with dangerous monsters. It was scary and great. Speaking of radiation, there is this weather effect known as the Radiation Storm. Only in Fallout can you get something like that. It is this green storm that rains radiation. It’s great.

-the Bad-


I wish the companions you meet had more of an impact to the story and the gameplay. For example, Piper, she seemed interesting but after you romance her, she is pretty much useless. Then you move on to another companion, get their perk, and rinse and repeat. Gameplay wise, companions are not that much of a help in combat. For me, my companions disappeared a lot. Where was ADA during ,y final battle? And as a lot of people mentioned, they block door ways, get seen by enemies, and so on.


  • Would I play it again? Yes, I plan to take a little time off, and starting a new cycle!
  • Do I recommend this? Yes, but only to those willing to invest time, since this can be a really long game.
  • Overall thoughts? Really fun. Not the greatest thing I have witnessed, but it was fun.

I don’t why I didn;t start this series sooner, but I am glad it is part of my library now! I plan on restarting Fallout 3, and playing New Vegas for the first time.

I hope you enjoyed it.


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