Character Talk: Gao Rikiya

Simply but, a monster. But what makes him a monster? The fact that he is literally the strongest teenager in Japan, and possibly the world? The fact that he eat nothing but meat for his diet? Or that he has complete control over his body and everything he does is with destructive intent? Gao Rikya of the Hakusho Dinosaurs is the strongest man in the league. The only person that can even think of possibly facing him is Kurita Ryokan.


Gao is a simple man, he respects strength. But only physical strength, but strength of character, When Sena purposely chooses to get tackled by him instead of losing 1 yard, he started to respect Sena. When Riku takes the blame for some joker that mocked Bamba, he started to respect Riku.

On the other hand, he has no respect for those who does not have the warrior mindset. For example, he does not like Hiruma since he kept making tactics so that he and Kurita would not face. He lost respect for the Russian lineman after his pathetic performance. And he does not like Agon for mocking other warriors like Kurita.

Gao is one of the latest characters to join the series, but he quickly became one of my favorites in the series. He has unbreakable integrity and honor of a warrior. He worships power and respects those who wield it. He embodies the Tyrannosaurus Rex’s spirit well, in fact, I can hear its screech from him!

I hope you liked this!



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