GATE Anime Review

GATE: Jieitai Kano Chi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri is an anime made by A-1 Pictures,  it started in 2015 and the first season ended recently. It is based on a light novel of the same name by Yanai Takumi.



Itami Youji (center) is an otaku who is also a military person. He is rather peace but gets the job done. There are 3 main characters from the fantasy world. Rory Mercury (the gothic lolita) is a demigod of death, pretty much the most powerful character. Lelei La Lelena (the blue hair) is a mage in training. Tuka Luna Marceau (the elf) is there to look pretty.

Despite his looks, Itami is a ranger and special forces, AKA one of the most badass person in the Japanese military.


Pina co Lada (the red head) is a princess of the fantasy Empire. She realizes that the empire stands no chance against the Japanses, and tries to find a peaceful solution between the 2 armies. And he is also a fujoshi.

-the World-


In this anime, there are 2 worlds, the modern world where we are familiar with, and a generic fantasy world where we are familiar with. The two worlds are linked by this mysterious gate.



Suddenly in middle of Tokyo a mysterious gate appear and fantasy army pours in and attacks Japanese civilians. Fortunately otaku military person Itami was there to help aid the people escape the area. Once the fantasy attack was subdued, Japanese military decided to go through the gate to figure out what is happening.


On the other side, they find a fantasy world. They set a base there and makes it clear that technologically Japan outclassed the Empire of this world in every way. The only thing that posed as a threat was a wild red dragon. Like any political stories, there are a lot of backroom dealings, assassination, and betrayals. There are a lot of political talks and military formations.

-the Good-


The show does not shy away from some of the darker subjects like rape, loss of a loved one, racism, and more. And it was refreshing to see that the world is not squeaky clean.

And on multiple occasion, it shows technology’s superiority over medieval weapons. Like how the empire tried using a catapult to combat helicopters, or when soldiers fought in close quarters, the modern martial arts wasted the medieval techniques. I mean that picture above pretty much sums things up: Japan beats the shit out of the Empire mercilessly, and there are a lot of nice boobies to go along with it.

The ending was cute, since all the ships actually did happen. It was a really happy ending, but I liked it. I mean just look at their faces, they look so happy! How can you say that’s not good.

Even the Pedo/Loli couple is actually happening. This … I don’t know.

-the Bad-

The biggest flaw of the series I believe is how much more powerful Japan is compared to the Empire. I mean, the Empire is totally outclassed by Japan’s modern technology in every way. So combat scenes don’t really have any tension since one Japanese soldier can decimate an entire squad of Empire soldiers easily, and this has happened in the show.


At times, the art style clashes with the serious tone of the scene is trying to portray. I don;t think I can take Princess Pina seriously since she looks a magical girl. Balalaika from Black Lagoon had so much grit and charisma, but here all the girls are so cute and fluffy it’s a little difficult to pull off a political drama.


Speaking of girls, there are several girls who are there just to be eye candy, mainly Tuka. Seriously, what does she do? I mean Lelei acts as a great translator, Rori is a weapon of destruction, Pina tries, but Tuka just make things worse. And calling Itami “Dad” after the incident seems like Elektra Complex.

Yao is a dark elf that arrives a little too late to be endearing. The only talent she has is being hot. Literally, she distracts guards with her boobs in the finale, that was her only role…


  • Will I watch it again? Probably. I enjoyed it the first time around
  • Do I recommend this? No, it’s too cute to be serious and too serious to be cute.
  • Overall thoughts? I enjoyed it, had fun.

I don’t regret seeing this. I had laughs, and I thought it was fun. But it is too unbalanced to be called great. It has a pleasure seeing this, and probably see it again when I have the time.

Hope you liked this!



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