Musaigen no Phantom World Anime Review

Musaigen no Phantom World AKA Myriad Colors Phantom World is an anime based on light novel of the same name. The novels were written by Hatano Soichiro and the anime was made by moe factory Kyoto Animation.



Ichjio Haruhiko (the dude) is the main character. He has powers to seal Phantoms in drawings and to summon those sealed demons. Which you would think would make him the strongest characters in the show.


Then there is what the show is really about, the girls. Starting from the left is Kawakami Mai, the main superpwoered brawler. Then Kumamakura Kurumi (what a terrible name…) the summoner…. or at leasts makes the teddy bear sentient. Then best girl candidate Izumi Reina, she has powers to devour anything Kirby style. And lastly, best girl candidate #2, Minase Koito, she has power of voice to destroy the enemies, and act as a Phantom radar, making her probably the most useful.



So in this world, there are these artificial beings, or sometimes phenomenon, called Phantoms. Phantoms can be benevolent or evil, a creature or an event. Creatures are pretty self explanatory. Events are a little more difficult to explain. For example, one Phatom invites people into a world where they get whatever they want. One Phantom turns people younger. So they are like Mushi from Mushishi. And there is one that turns everyone cat-like.



Haruhiko is a highschooler in a world filled with Phantoms. He is in a club that specializes in sealing harmful Phantoms. In the club are Mai, Reina, and Koito, AKA his harem. For most parts, it is a supernatural slice-of-life with hint of ecchi and romance. As for romance, everyone has crush on Haruhito, which is usual with harem genre.

-the Good-


Visually, the show was very good. As the title would suggest, it was very colorful and the character designs were likable. Most of the characters were designed well. Even characters that appear once or twice are visually memorable. Although the ,ale characters are pretty boring looking…

The music is very goofy. Although the OP is a little generic, I enjoyed it. And there is this one music that plays when silly things are happening. I did like that one. Above is the OP full version.


Character wise, I really liked Reina and Koito. Reina because I always liked girls with appetite and Reina can eat, plus she’s cute!


Koito because I like girls with short hairs. She was mostly due to her visual appeals. I did like how she shyly blushes and likes sweets.


Lastly, the romance in the series wasn’t so in-your-face as some of the other animes in the recent past. Although no one straight up says their feelings, which is always frustrating to me.

-the Bad-


Although I like how Koito looks, I wish she had more part in the story. She mostly acts as a radar. Furthermore, all the characters could be a little more developed. By the end of season 1, only Haruhiko is somewhat developed.


And let’s talk about what most people watch it for, the ecchi. There were a lot of ecchi moments in the show. The series starts with doing the limbo where Mai’s boobs come very close to the lines. I think the series would have been just as good or better with less ecchi moment. The show was mostly cute, not really that sexy.


  • Will I watch it again? Probably not, maybe a clip or two from YouTube…
  • Do I recommend this? No, maybe to another pervy friend who like Moe things.
  • Overall thoughts? This is a mindless moe ecchi show, good for relaxing

I know those all sound bad, but I had a good time. This was not intellectual in any way, but I did enjoy it for what it was. Roughly put, this is KyoAni’s version of Mushishi.

Hope you like this!



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