Silent Hill Retrospective


Silent Hill is a Playstation 1 horror game that came out in 1999. It was developed by Konami in response to Capcom’s Resident Evil/ Bio Hazard series. Silent Hill quickly became one of classical survivor horror games of all time. It is a scary good game.



Harry Mason is the main character and is a father looking for his daughter in this god forsaken town.


Cheryl is Harry’s daughter that disappeared. Thanks Cheryl for making Harry’s life significantly more miserable.


Alessa Gillespie is a mysterious being in Silent Hill that helps Harry find his daughter. She is the center piece for the strange cult in Silent Hill and shares this strange connection to Harry’s daughter Cheryl.



Simply put, the world of Silent Hill is hellish. Everything is designed to psychologically torture Harry and the player. The town shapes itself based on the visitor’s psyche. It is hard to tell how much Harry sees is real or hallucination. Hell. one time Harry was stabbed by many demon babies only to pass out… did he die? or was it not real? Who knows.


And at time, the world literally becomes even darker and messed up. This is known as the Otherworld. If you thought regular Silent Hill was bad, this is so much worse.



The story of Silent Hill 1 starts off very simple. One day, Harry and his daughter Cheryl were driving somewhere, and suddenly a woman jumps in the road, this causes Harry to turn harshly and crash the car. When Harry returned from being passed out, his daughter is nowhere to be seen.


Although the game is horrifying, there are hilarious scenes. The credits for this game is freaking amazing. I mean look at the usual creepy Alessa! She looks great and goofy. Hell, one of the endings in the game is the UFO ending where Harry gets abducted.



The gameplay can a little frustrating but that kind of adds to the horror element. Harry controls like a tank and aiming with the gun is very inaccurate. When faced with a monster, it is better to runaway rather than fighting. I learned this the hard way when I emptied my clip on the first enemy only to be screw for the beginning of the game…


The only annoying part of the game was the fixed camera. With fixed camera, the shots are great visually, they look menacing. However, the controls can be a little confusing, the second game did improve on this however.

-Does it hold up today?-

I say YES. It’s low resolution graphics add to the suspense since it is harder to make out what is happening. Especially since low graphic horror games and trendy these days, I think Silent Hill 1 still has a place today!

Hope you enjoyed it!



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