Disgaea 5 Review

So here is the latest entry to the Disgaea series, Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance or Makai Senki Disgaea 5. Disgaea 5 was made by Nippon Ichi Software for the Playstation 4. The game was released rather recently and I had a great time as always with this series!



Killia is the protag of Disgaea 5. He has issues with Void Dark. The pink overlord is Seraphina, she has issues with Void Dark. Red Magnus is the red one, he has issues with Void Dark. The green one is Christo, he has issues with Void Dark. The yellow mascot character is Usalia, she has issues with Void Dark. And she likes curry.


Void Dark is the douchey looking one on the left. Everyone hates him because he’s taking over and destroying netherworlds. And he has serious sister complex. The little witch is Majoritta, she is one of Void’s generals. And the big guy on the right is Bloodis, probably the most badass character in the story.


Everything in Disgaea 5 revolves around hating Void Dark. Killia and the gang all joined together to stop Void from taking over and destroy all the Netherworlds. There is also an overarching B plot of Killia’s past and how Bloodis is involved. During their adventure, Killia and co come across various characters and join forces to fight the big bad guy.


Also, for the first time in Disgaea history, Land of Carnage makes its way into the plot beyond just the gameplay mechanic. People from LoC, naturally hundreds of times more powerful than anyone in the regular world, start invading the regular world.


With every Disgaea, there are new classes. My personal favorite this time around is the Maid class. They have this special move that let’s a character go again in the same turn, making really valuable. The sages were good, but felt guilt abusing them in the endgame.


Gameplay again improved from the previous games. Magichage is back, and that was nice. Combo attacks are back, kind of. In Disgaea 3, and low level specials could be combo’ed but here only designated character can do it, so more care was put in them. Some of my favorites were from the DLCs: Zetta and Petta’s father-daughter was too cute, and Adell and Rozzy’s lovey-dovey special combo was adorable!!



One other addition is Overload and Revenge Booster. Essentially, every time your characters get attacked, they build up the Revenge Meter, and when they are pushed to the limit, they do Limit Breaker. This guarantees all attacks are critical and use 1sp. And the enemies can use these as well so yeah. Overload is limited to characters with Overlord status, characters can use special moves, ex: Zetta can Invite a larger base panel to increase max character summon by 5.


-The Good-

As usual, the game play is better than before. Magichange returned after its absence from Disgaea D2. The Item World no longer has level cap so my grinding addiction can go wild. With it gone, players can now be more malleable with their leveling methods.


I liked how the title of Overlord now has more meaning than just a measly title. Now that title grants power to change anything.

-The Bad-

In my opinion, the characters were least memorable in the series. Killia is too bland too be interesting, Zeroken is too stereotypical to be interesting.


I felt that Seraphina and Red Magnus carried the show. I know people hate on Sera because she is bitchy, but I kinda like that….. Void Dark was less interesting than Fake Zenon, and that is saying something.


  • Will I play it again? Yes, actually I am still playing it now!
  • Will I recommend this? Well, Disgaea is a hard series to recommend so no.
  • Overall thoughts? As usual, I enjoyed every minute of playing it!

I hope you enjoyed this review, and I hope Nippon Ichi will flourish. I want another Disgaea 1 or Disgaea 4 quality story. As for gameplay, they improve it with every iteration so I can’t complain there. It was a great game and I expect more awesome from NIS!



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