Gi Reviews Games: Order 1886

Order 1886 is a Playstation exclusive game from Ready at Dawn and Santa Monica Studios, published by Sony. It was released in February of 2015. So here we go….


Gallahad is the main character. He is a member of the Order of the Knights and is trying to solve a possible conspiracy.


Story is that there are these werewolves in town and somehow they are in league with the rebellion that is happening. As the game progresses it seems like there is a conspiracy and you begin to question everyone.


Gameplay play wise, there is nothing really revolutionary nor creative happening here. It is you generic third person shooter.

There are also these mandatory stealth sections in the game which doesn’t always make sense. And if you get caught, you are immediately killed. But some of these kill scenes are …. comical.

-the Good-


Graphics are amazing in this game. One of the most beautiful games I have seen. But, that is about it. To be fair, the story near the end of the game started to get interesting, then it ended…

-the Bad-

The game felt really pretentious. It makes look at the objects for a good while, thy literally zooms in on the hand holding an item and have you look around it. Feels like a child saying”look at what I made. LOOK AT IT”. Having Tesla in the game seemed gimmicky to me, also very Assassin’s Creed like.


The freaking tutorial was god awful. It was slow, extremely limited and a terrible way to introduce the game. Very similar thing was found Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain, but there it was way better. In MGSV, there was more freedom, and you see Snake getting more and more stronger throughout the sequence.

Transition from cutscene to gameplay was awful. At multiple time in the game I was like “Oh, the game started again, crap!” I think it has to do with the screen size ratio and how when the cut scene ends and the game starts, the frames look identical. Again, similar things were done in MGSV, but I never had to ask myself whether or not the game started.

Some of the enemy AI were awful. The werewolves just repeat the same attacks from the exact same location. In one part of the game, I had to fight 3 werewolves in a room. They only attacked one at a time, and the ALL attacked from the exact SAME place. And the companions you bring with you does not do anything!! They enemies ignore them and attack you only, and the companions are just slacking on their day job.

To boot, some sections just had so many enemies. I mean come on, it’s not even fun at this point.


  • Will I play it again? No, already deleted from my PS4.
  • Do I recommend it? No, it’s not worth the few hours it exists.
  • Overall thoughts? I don’t think I have been so frustrated this much playing a game!

I feel like this is a great example that games cannot rely solely on good graphics. I would have preferred a worse looking game with more better things. This is just my 2 cents.



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