Top 10 Favorite Paramecia Type Devil Fruit Powers

Of the Devil Fruits, this one was the hardest to make. There are so many powers out there and I want to talk about all of them! Maybe someday. This is purely based on powers alone, so although I love Luffy, Gum Gum Fruit is not listed here.

And these are my personal favorites, not what I think is most poweful. So with that said, let’s get started!

Here is the Zoan Type List and Logia Type List! Check them out.

10. Gravity Gravity Fruit by Fujitora


9. Hollow Hollow Fruit by Perona


8. String String Fruit by Donquixote Doflamingo


7. Chop Chop Fruit by Buggy the Clown


6. Op Op Fruit by Trafalgar Law


5. Arms Arms Fruit by Baby 5


4. Tremor Tremor Fruit by Edward “Whitebeard” Newgate


3. Castle Castle Fruit by Capone Bege


2. Slow Slow Fruit by Foxy


1. Flower Flower Fruit by Nico Robin


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