Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Retrospective

So this is the most controversial game in the series. There are a lot of people who hate this, and there are people who think this is the best game in the series, and neither side is wrong. To this day people are arguing what this game was suppose to mean. Was it a big bait-n-switch, or an intellectual piece about blindly following legacies?



Raiden or Jack or Snake is the protagonist of the series. He is the opposite of Solid Snake from the previous games. He is handsome and a noob. Prior to this mission, Raiden had been a child soldier and was trained to be an expert killer using virtual training.


Solidus Snake is the main villain in this game. He is the third son of Big Boss, and the perfect clone. He is the leader of the terrorist group Dead Cell. He, like many, does not like the way Patriots are running the world and is trying to free himself from their control. 


Tanker Chapter


Solid Snake infiltrates a tanker ship in United States and is trying to take pictures to the newly developed Metal Gear Ray. It was being developed by US Navy to combat other Metal Gears. Then the ship gets hijacked by a Russian organization led by Ocelot. Then Ocelot betrays the group and steals Ray for himself and sinks the tanker.


Plant Chapter


Rest of the game takes place in this fortress called Big Shell. It is built to “clean up the oil mess made by the tanker” but it is actually there to develop a new type of Metal Gear. Raiden, this is where the controversy begins, infiltrates Big Shell to save the president who was inspecting the Big Shell and was captured by the terrorist group called Sons of Liberty AKA Dead Cell.


Dead Cell is made of complete weirdos. There is a bomb junkie called Fatman, an immortal vampire called Vamp, a bullet bending goddess called Fortune, fishy as hell Revolver Ocelot, and their leader Solidus Snake.


While Raiden makes his way through the facility, he comes across a man called Iroquis Pliskin (who looks like and sounds like and acts like Solid Snake) who is here to eliminate Dead Cell. Now Raiden, with help of Pliskin, need to take down the terrorist group.



Gameplay wise, it upped the quality in every way from the first game. The graphics are better, the shooting mechanics are better, the enemy AI is better, and there are a lot more goofy stuff.


Unlike before, when you alert one guard, the world does not end. They have to call back up, giving you little time to react and calm the situation. To combat this advantage, the guards are smarter and their visual range has increased.

-Does it hold up today?-


Yes, in fact they released HD editions of this game for the seventh generation consoles as we well as the PS Vita. The gameplay is great, the story is great and it’s just a good game. Oh, and that music!

Now that the series is more or less complete, the story and the confusing parts of this game make more sense. Especially if you thik of some of the themes of the game like: “What is real and what is not?” or “What are the consequences or worshiping an idea?” and so on. If you like stealth and Japanese weirdness, this is the game for you.

Hope you enjoyed,


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