Character Talk: Solidus Snake

Solidus Snake aka George Sears is a rather tragic character. Apart from being the least popular of the Snake family, he lives and dies as a puppet.


He was the final and most perfect clone of Big Boss. And he was elected by the Patriots to the president of the United States. However he was tired of being Patriots’ tool and decided to start an uprising, further proving that the Les Enfants Terribles project was a failure.


What he doesn’t know was that this was also part of Patriots’ plan. This plan was to create another Big Boss and/or Solid Snake through Raiden. He didn’t know he was part of this plan, and then he accepts the fact that he indeed is nothing more than a cog of a larger machine, that he has no  control over his life.


Solidus only made two appearances in the series: MGS2 as the villain and MGS4 as a corpse. Pretty tragic if you ask me. Solidus was never free. He was born a took, lived as a tool, and died a tool. Even when he thought he was free, he never was. This theme is mirrored by all if the Snakes but most evident and tragic here.

Let me know what you think of Solidus!



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