One Piece Film Z Movie Review

One Piece Film Z is 12th One Piece movie. It is made by Toei Animation, and was released on December 2012. I am not usually a fan of movies based on anime I like, and this did not change that. There seems to be a lot of praise going on for this movie, but I don’t see why.



The only new characters in the film are Z’s crew. Z AKA Zephyr used to be in the Marines, but tired of the restraints from World Government, he decided to start his own crew to kill every pirate in the world. His two followers use to be his students from the Marine days, that is literally their entire story.

Z’s crew, Ain and Binz are forgettable. If they were replaced with faceless marines, there would be no difference.


Z hates pirates, so he is going to trigger a world destroying crisis to kill all the pirates, BRILLIANT! Luffy and the Straw Hats are trying to stop Z and save the world. For some reason Kuzan and Kizaru are in the story.

-the Good-

The animation was alright…. We see Kizaru doing stuff. Oh, and Kuzan (former Aokiji) lost his leg to Akainu. This is where the good part really ends.

-the Bad-

Where do I start… I have noticed that One Piece movies are really bad with fanservice. The weird zoom on boobs, or camera lingering on them are just awkward. There were less here than previous movies, but still way too noticeable.

The dragon eggs AKA the doomsday device just makes no sense. Nothing in One Piece has been this powerful, although the ancient weapons could have been.

The villain, Z, was boring. His arm looked goofy and his design I wasn’t a fan of it. It was interesting to see how he taught most of the older Marines, but that is it. He says he hates pirates, so why make his symbol look exactly like a pirate’s Jolly Roger?


Armament Haki looks off. In the manga, the Armament Haki is shiny, like gloss metal, not matte finished. I usually like matte finish over gloss finish, but seeing that here made Luffy look like he was wearing stockings. Pirate Warriors did it right.



  • Will I watch it again? No, already sold the Blu Ray.
  • Do I recommend it? No, it’s not worth the time.
  • Overall thoughts? Not the worst thing ever, just very disappointing.

I genuinely do not understand how people think this is a good movie, or even an okay movie. It had bland villains, cliche plot, and terrible fanservices. I know I get a lot of hate for this but c’est la vie.



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