Kyouran Kazoku Nikki Recommendation

Also known as the Diary of a Crazy Family. This anime is based on Light Novel Series written by Akira and illustrated by X6suke. This series came out 2010. I seem to not find too much about this series part from the anime, there is a very dead wikia out there, but that is about it. 


I am doing the story first this time to avoid confusion. 1000 years ago, God of Destruction, Enka, stated before his death that his descendant will destroy the world. After 1000 years, several beings appeared with traces of Enka’s DNA. The Japanese Paranormal Bureau came up with a plan “Operation Cozy Family” to show the true descendant that world is good and s/he should not destroy it. So diverse range of beings, ranging from artificial bio weapon to immortal magical jellyfish to talking lion to abused little girl, try to become a family.


Midarezaki Kyouka is the protagonist and the matriarch of the Midarezaki clan. She is a telepathic psychic near immortal self proclaimed goddess cat ear girl, who may be descendant of God of Destruction. She is crazy, alcoholic, a smoker, and wants to have a good time. She has a not so subtle crush on her “husband” Midarezaki Ouka. Ouka is a member of Japanese Paranormal Bureau. He is very responsible and tries to contain the chaos that Kyouka unleashes.

Midarezaki Yuuka (dark haired normal looking girl) is the baby of the family. She comes from a family of mafia that has tradition of abusing their children. Despite this she tries to be as happy as possible, but sometimes succumb to her darker sides. And she has a thing for Ouka, you know, her”father”. It gets a little awkward when her biological sister, one of her many abusers, join the Midarezaki family. Midarezaki Chika (the white haired girl), Yuuka’s real sister, is the last to join the family. She is famous for being pretty and having big boobs. She regrets how she treated Yuuka is trying to repent for that, Midarezaki Gekka (the jellyfish) is the youngest daughter of the clan. She is a jellyfish that has infinite magical powers, including transforming into human. She is by far the most mysterious member of the family.

Midarezaki Ginka (blonde man) is the eldest son. He is a handsome man who LOVES to cross dress as a woman. It can be a little awkward because Chika has a huge crush on him. Because you know, they’re “siblings”. Midarezaki Teika is a talking lion. By far the most mature of the children. He is one of the last remaining members of his species. Midarezaki Hyouka (the tall dark one) is a biological weapon made from DNA of Enka, but just wants to play video games and have fun. Despite his looks, he can act like a baby.

-Why Recommend?-

The concept of family is the heart of this show. Can 8 totally unrelated people, animal and strange lifeforms consider each other as family? And how far are these strangers willing to go to love each other and protect each other?

The show is pretty good, and it got me to read light novels. The series continues way beyond the anime, and I am glad I picked it up when I had the chance. I hope you give this one a try!



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